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how uncomfortable? all boots will stretch with wear, but the question is how much stretch you need.
horse moonwalks in front of emohorse. neigh.
...i don't think you understood the allegory.
I hope this is tongue-in-cheek.
@brad-t The frog lived down in a well where there was all he had to live. One day, a softshelled turtle came by and told him about the sea. 'The sea? Hah! It's paradise in here. Nothing can be better than this well. Why don't you come down and share my joy?' The turtle tried, and failed as the mouth of the well was too small. 'Why don't you go see the sea instead? During Yu the Great's reign, there was flooding for nine out of ten years, yet the sea barely grew an inch....
I hope you realize that your views are marginalized for the same reason minority groups' views are marginalized: you're the other in the equation.
I've been mistaken for being gay a lot. Does that count? Have you like...not studied world history at all? This statement can't possibly be more false.
there's a lot more injustice in the world than just ferguson and abortion rights. the world isn't a fair place. don't expect it to be.
it is the white middle-class cisgender straight male who understands privilege, or lack thereof, best. ^ it means your gender = your sex
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