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Okay, so I got my nama pants in ramie-linen from @wormwood yesterday. My original pair ended up being way too small for me, fitting closer to a 28 than a 30. @wormwood asked me to send them back to him and then cut a completely new pair for me, asking me if I had any other concerns with my first pair that needed to be adjusted. Needless to say, the new pair fit me absolutely like a dream. Pretty much exactly the fit I was looking for.
chill. don't sell. wear it and embrace it. also it's easily machine washable (i do it to mine). just hang dry.
congratulations on your marriage!
oh man. you dare insult suikoden? fight me outside uniqlo. no.... outside H&M!!!!
maybe your girlfriend has them?
i need me those sidezips
kanye always smiles when he's with dudes
brad, you're the manliest of us all.
man... devoa ss16 is weak.....
[[SPOILER]] don't hate on skittles.
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