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hahahaha i ended up buying both things on your rec.the red stitched long sleeve tee is like a cross between the devoa red stitched tee from aw15? and my carpe diem long sleeve tee. really nice stuffthe heavy linen pants, on the other hand... way too big in the leg =_=;; need to slim the entire leg for it to look right on me... probably down to a 6" hem to get the stacks right? though the fabric is so thick that stacking may not be the answer... just looks really floppy on...
You're a good kid
fuck kyudo. do kendo with me
ey its me ur brother living the same life except minus gym
can you proxy
damn, you're too fancy mcfancyjeans for my poor plebe blood
i've worn my pair of uniqlo skinny tapers more than any other pair of jeans i own this year lul
Wait what
i'm gonna be a star 8D
i've been trying to justify buying a scarstitch. i hate you all.
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