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have you considered boots or derbies? i think it'd work well. i'm kind of biased though.
you can wear certain brands and certain brands will wear you. it is largely dependent on many factors, but mostly build/physique and general aura. idk, i don't think your fits are great, but at the very least, you're definitely skinny enough to wear slp. whether it looks good on you (or most people, for that matter), is a different story. also, nerds wear tojs to balance out their chubby it faces. everyone knows that.
man, you are super defensive. your fits aren't anything special. get over yourself.
loved everything until the shoes
Oh dear fucking god. -_-; Never have children. Please, castrate yourself or get a vasectomy. It's for your own fucking good.
buy devoa (0) the co-li slim pants should fit you well
If it hasn't happened yet, it's probably never going to happen. Stop getting your hopes up for an update and just fucking wait now that you see orders starting to trickle out. You'll sleep better at night and have less stress.no, i'm a misanthrope who has very little faith in the vast majority of humankind.
Yes, it is your fucking bad. Now shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. Are you that fucking dense and entitled that you believe Drew's going to magically swoop in and fill you in on ALL the fucking details of his life just to satisfy your bitch ass?
No one's fucking shifting blame from TOJ. You're just annoying as fuck and getting mad at the wrong people. Why the fuck were you getting pissy at Charly? He's done his part and shouldn't be held accountable once shit is out of his hands. God, you're such a fucking brat.
damn son. you swole.
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