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he didn't get banned, but he did get a lot of flak for posting a giorgio armani leather (he posted the same one here) in their waywt. honestly speaking, the fit was pretty bad, but the leather itself was pretty nice.
you'd still lose. chinorlz too stronk.
A man can dream, Benes. A man can dream. stop being a fatty first kkk
thank god, @canstyleace. thank god.
Focus on fabric, construction, and fit while stripping as much detail as possible. Jil and Helmut perfected it imo. For menswear, at least.
tops are a bit too overdesigned these days. i preferred devoa when it had a much cleaner aesthetic. pants are relatively the same, but the waist fits closer now. i also don't find them as slim as they used to be. they fit more like straight legged pants on me these days, though i did lose a lot of weight recently. ymmv.fascinate and archive sf are probably your best bets for reasonably priced devoa.
size 3 = 32 size 4 = 34 both are available at pretty much at all online retailers.
sinnedk, try devoa. the boot cut hem should work well with m.a+.
if someone here bought mooncat0404's avantindietro ankle boots, if it doesn't work out, please let me know!
only basic people don't buy the base shirt when it's up for sale. true story.
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