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First off, it doesnt prove that the parcel was sent to the buyer whatsoever, or else it would go against all the facts you have personally confirmed by calling USPS yourself. You are seriously reaching if you think city name should discredit psidy and should put eugene under the same scrutiny since this one piece of evidence doesn't fit with all the other facts we have at hand. Even if USPS did make a mistake, this would have all been amended at the local post office since...
I think that may be a triple ipa from the overtly boozy comment
Does anyone have shipping experience with CTT/Portugal Post and could spare some time to answer a few questions please?
i admittedly have very little experience with portugal post, but why does he have the master copy and not the carbon copy? doesn't the post office keep the master copy?
If either psidy or I created fake accounts on SZ or SF, we would have already been banned along with the fake accounts. I'm starting to get the feeling that it's Eugene, you, or your friends making those accounts to try to divert attention away. Anyway @LA Guy, I'm flagging @wtfandro for now.
newp, since you are so bent on insisting that wormwood is innocent and that we must literally exhaust every other possibility before we can say, with absolutely 100% certainty, that he scammed psidy, can you provide a reasonable explanation why wormwood would claim CTT redflagged his parcel and say that it was never given to USPS when the facts are clearly contrary to this claim?
wormwood can come defend his honor whenever he wants.
Well, psidy just posted the tracking from USPS. Are you going to claim that psidy was lying about his home address at this point? The burden of proof is on the seller at this point to prove otherwise since the facts are against him. If wormwood wants to shut us all up, he can do so at any time.That's not how presumption of innocence works. My argument presumes Eugene's innocence. It is not until all other reasonable outcomes are considered and reasonably disproven that...
This is so laughably stupid as a response that I'm flabbergasted that you think this is an argument. This is a literal false dichotomy you're trying to set up. You know this is the argumentum ad ignorantiam that you accused psidy of, yes? Regardless, I'll play along.Here are the facts:1. Seller provides A tracking address to buyer. I'll explain why I word it this way later.2. Buyer never receives item and consults with seller.3. Seller claims CTT (Portugal Post)...
honestly, it's amusing to read his shortsighted responses.
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