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sigh why am i in the office right now.
Nephew,I am not racist, but I just don't like those immigrants coming to America and stealing jobs from hardworking white salt of the earth folks who are just trying to put bread on the table. And they're all terrorists anyway, especially those dart-eyed yeller folks who don't pay their taxes by hiding their cash under their bed. Can't trust them! THOSE DARN IMMIGRANTS RUINING AMERICA!- UncleUncle,Your racism and lack of appreciation for other cultures and people triggered...
this is baaaasically confirmation that most lefties are cooler than most righties what happened to me?!?!?!
well, to be fair, i'm not strictly left-handed, unless we're talking about writing exclusively as a measure of hand dominance. i use my left hand for writing, but i can only use chopsticks with my right. i think i also use scissors and with my right hand and play both golf and the guitar as a righty would. so not exactly ambidexterous, but not strictly left-handed either ~_~;I'M A FREAKps. sell me that linea jacket and wear your leather coatcape instead. thanks
the cotton herringbone one?
which zam pants are those @myshoeiswet also *lefty fist bump*
when you got them fat apple hips that all the girls are jelly of, but you're a dude
what do you need the most
false. golden feng huang >>> plebe peacock
that red version blows the brown one completely out of the water also, see above post.
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