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wait, i was being facetious do people really want this >_> i have like...a lot of korean ingredients at home because you know #kpoplife and #koreanmom but i can kind of adjust to make it more accessible for someone who can't buy anything out of the ordinary or you know, can be your bible
how2make soondubu jjigae coming soon
you can type grailed, but the hyperlink will always be ******ed outex:https://*****************https://grailed.comgrailed.comgrailededit: huh, guess it works without www, but the listing will never load without it.
@ghostface, are you going crazy?
@mumma is the OG though
I'll let you use my likeness
that's a good mindset to have, but i'll still make fun of you if you look like shit
Full CCP crowdsourcing to replace all of synth wardrobe with ccp suits, leathers, and shoes. he can keep his uniqlo undies and socks
he has ma+ for sure, but i've never heard of stitchy wearing guidis. STITCHY! U HAS GUIDIS?!?!? Y U NO TELL ME?!
most definitely not.
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