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that seller is the same seller i bought my s23ms from. bid with confidence.
please get the stague one slippers....so i can steal them from you
He was saying that the zig zag pattern was a cossack fly....
Those were worn on my hips and I had an extra inch and a half of space when taken. I gained a lot of weight since then and now it's tight, but the problem persists. Regardless, they're not something that can be worn in public comfortably. Even if it isn't necessarily an issue with the construction of the fly, the front of the pants were not properly made.
I hope you realize i am not spreading out the fly. That picture is taken at rest. Also, you don't know what a cossack fly is. Because it doesn't exist. I just looked up your listing. it's a standard fly. If you think a button fly is a cossack fly, you need to do some fact checking before coming to defend your friend.
I want to see pictures of the fly splaying out like that. I don't care about pants laid flat
Please do not confuse cossack fly with cossack pants. Please provide proof of existence from ie and lumen as well
sorry...really not a fan of that giant sole....
those are... really ugly. sorry :\
oh my god that looks amazing
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