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I'm not sure what you're asking. I was responding to cellardoors's ridiculous claim that not receiving a leather jacket was tantamount to financial ruin.
if you're in a state where buying a leather jacket is going to ruin you financially, you really shouldn't have bought a fucking leather jacket.
the prodigal son returns
I think its a tiny bit too tight?
Be the vanguard of vengeance, @Distorbiant. Smite the Evil Dai-Maou Duruu Keessu with your +5 Dick Ovens Hammered Jawnstice Sword of a Thousand Truths.
that zig zag seam looks like it'd be really annoying to zip up too
no, i was left speechless and was shaking my head at what benes said. the ninja edit earlier was because dww ninja edited his post while i was posting my response to his original response.
......... ;;;;
noonja eedut
i actually need more socks. a link to your favorite no shows would be most appreciated the only caveat is that they need to fit tiny feet ,_.;
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