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@nicelynice what is that with the sprinkles?
you should respect that air. it was specially blown for each and every toj customer by nutrage queen heather cho as part of her community service sentence.
The pantie vending machine is less surprising to me
are you fucking serious? there are little sister-themed and tsundere-themed maid cafes? really. wow. #imouto for sure
yes, suntory does make yamazaki, but the distillery itself is osaka. the kyoto brewery is for the beers. i would not be surprised if they carried yamazaki there though.
the suntory brewery is in kyoto. the yamazaki distillery is in osaka
why even bother posting this
thanks in advancealso be sure to hit up the suntory distillery if you get to go to osaka
i would much rather have a light outerwear piece to carry around.
tourist trap
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