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size 44 (us11) lost & found ankle boots at 30% off http://www.yoox.com/us/44636798QE/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44636798QE&sizeId=13
had lemon cello ipa, vielle, and heady topper tonight. the heady is just about a month old, and has lost a significant amount of its hop aroma. still delicious, but compared to the cans i had earlier, they definitely fall short. the first can i popped had a delicious bouquet that lasted for a good 3 days (i was curious and left a finished can on my desk). sadly, you can barely smell the hops past 3 weeks unless you sniff very close to the mouth of the can, but even then,...
how much are you really expecting from a dude whose username is basically cock sack?
who the fuck cares what he thinks
you're basically killing your own budget to accommodate hers......and well.... women will be women when it comes to their bags and shoes..... COME AT ME, LAST THREE PAGES
i don't see anyone with fabulous hair. YOU LIEEEEE
my poor lips....they were so prickly on the ride home T_T I GOT RAPED, I TELL YOU! RAPED!!!!!!!!!
only the front hem is asymmetric. it tapers to a perfectly symmetric back.
with how devoa is constructed (separate panels), i don't think adding a vent is feasible at all without ruining the symmetry of the back
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