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what if i'm more of the anti-hero type
i'll post one if you post one....
your fit pic is currently 15 minutes late as of this post.
mmmm....4 devoa, 2 attachment, 1 undercover, 1 individual sentiments was thinking of getting the hard yarn wool suit from this season, but kinda poor.... i want a very...dry, crisp wool suit but i don't know if the hard yarn wool fits the bill i have too much outerwear in general.... zzzzzz
he still hasn't found The One Black Blazer for Grocery Shopping yet. ....i think i have like 8 lol... and i'm eyeing two more right now... DECISIONS DECISIONS...
yes, stop being a little twat, @Distorbiant
share 1 with me, @Abraxis
but i order my devoa with all your mom's money.... SHE TOLD ME IT WAS OKAY
a sad, miran-less place.
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