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no stitchy! The One True Way is The Way of the Afro Jew.
It would bring much shame upon my family to be bestowed a title by @Mr. Moo. Please prepare my tanto, and I nominate @g transistor as my kaishakunin, for he alone understands the significance of my nottopknot.
Thank you for the approval, uncle.
Really? I like thumbs because I think it allows for cleaner, more meaningful discourse while still giving ample opportunity for tacit approval. It gets really annoying when you see everyone (especially certain people... I won't name names, but they're people I'm not particularly fond of...) quoting the same picture giving the same inane critique without adding anything new. It gives me the choice to show whether I like something or not without having to say HEY I LIKE THIS...
whenever i see EOTOTO, i want to say MAMAMA
thankfully, i still have the buttons, but i'm probably going to get all the buttons reinforced. the fact that all the buttons spell out LUC is a nice detail, but it was really poorly thought out in execution. it just makes the buttons a huge hassle. i wonder if i can order devoa buttons.....
thumb comments, if only for swd, as we did not abuse it like the others did.
Once upon a time, when tigers still smoked out of long pipes, there was a gopher and an eagle. The gopher was wise, and he carefully saved his food to stave off the harsh winter. He told his friend, the eagle, that he, too, should save his food, for the winter was expected to be long and exceptionally cold. The eagle replied, "Hah! It was warm last year and it will be warm again this year. I do not need to save, for I can find food easily." Unfortunately for both the...
it's real. it also makes them annoying as fuck to button/unbutton. wtb a shitton of extra devoa buttons to replace LUC buttons
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