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Obligatory gym fit pic. Pecs no vis
와구와구 앙~~~~ hyeri likes her man pizza ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i wrote off the loss, but i can't deny that i'm still salty for being swindled out of over half a grand.
a few people never got their pants, while others, like myself, got unwearable pairs because of bad tailoring. and then he went mia after i called him out and documented everything openly because he's a pussy ass bitch who can't man up and do business honestly. his responses are pretty fucking lulzy because of how absolutely delusional he is. it basically boils down to "GAIS I CHARGE 500 DOLLARS FOR PANTS BUT I'M ONLY HUMAN SO I MAKE MISTAKES! IS IT SO WRONG TO EXPECT 14/HR...
go beat up wormwood for me. he stole my lunch money.
Why has thou forsaken us? Don't be Judas, @Synthese. Don't be swayed by false promises of silver cufflinks and sprezz!
cm makes more monies than swd.
Manbaby Calls Others Manbabies Over Backlash Regarding Sales Reduction QuestionBasic StyleFarmer vents his frustations during final sales seasonJune 27, 2016by nahneun (nahneunfakeemail [at] styleforum [dot] net)NEW YORK - StyleForumer @shoewizz did not mince his words to voice his annoyance at other StyleForum users for being dumbfounded that someone was expecting further reductions past seventy percent, calling them "manbabies". Other users, appalled that people were...
Guys, stop hoping for ToJ 2.0. This is Falcon Garments. Let Charly and Dan develop their brand and vision as they see fit without constantly being compared to ToJ.
@kavalier, that's awesome. deets on the shirt?
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