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don't write your name on it!!! if you ever get bored of it, i will take it off your hands, but i'm not an Alex
i'm hot even wearing just a tee. i died when i visited japan. i don't know how you guys didn't spontaneously combust, @Synthese, @spacepope, @nicelynice
damn, i missed this. pm me next time. i chose not to get updates when tagged lol. it got too annoying after a while.i live a bit out of the way though, so give me an early heads up
Definitely don't think any of the nes/snes ffs lend themselves to realistic graphics. Almost all the charm would be lost. Like the first time Terra uses magic in front of Locke and Edgar when they're fighting the Magitek Armors...
~_~;; all the major ff games have been released in the us. only the cell phone games haven't come out.
man... i remember buying cps back in 2010 for like less than 150 on sale... ~_~;;
yo, that's just not fair, bruh. that's like challenging me to drink andre the giant under the table.
i really really really really really need a pair of s25ms. help a brother out.
FF7 and Chrono Trigger are the most overrated Square games.FF64lyfe
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