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didn't you sell your luc farmer's jacket around when i bought mine o_o?
If there's someone who's sane and wants to buy a brand new pair of toj trousers in a size 30, hit me up.
looks good on you!
because he's a nice guy, unlike me. and because he's not an asshat like you. if that's the limit to your reasoning abilities, i hope to fucking god you never get your jacket so i can laugh in your face for getting scammed.
man, if i were charly, i'd have already jumped ship and told you to figure out how to get your measurements/complaints/death threats to drew some other way. ya'll a bunch of asshats.
SBS 아침드라마 가죽의 전쟁
i wish it were a size smaller.....
congratulations, benes!
i actually just look up mr. moo on pornhub for my daily fix. baby, stop being so frigid
help, guys! kgfan's fit lies outside my dadcore normcore expectations! he must be an asian hobo gangster! but i don't mean AzN HoBo GANGSTA because that would just not be right......... especially because i am the smartest most clever most physically fit... but nobody else seems to realize it :'( (also that asian hobo actually looks really dope)
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