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not too fond of the warm brown with all the cooler colors, but not bad
all things considered, this isn't the worst way to go out.
https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/4gilk4/tifu_by_playing_a_clip_from_alien_begging_to_be/welp, guess the boss took it literally
i would really like this if you wore something other than faded jeans
i don't think you should approach a hobby rooted in consumption as if it were some sort of self improvement. refining your style doesn't build character. you don't need to change your style if you're content with it.
holy shit it's aeglus
manhwa has taught you wrong. only #4 is correct.
call me hyungnim, dongsaeng.
it's not true because it's not a fact. it's your opinion.
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