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the wembley is exactly the shape i'm looking for. do you know if there's comparable wholecut version? i don't see one from looking through, but i may have missed it :>
my preferences lean towards wholecuts and derbies
sigh i have a pair of the ae park ave captoes and i just don't really like the AE last... i think elongated lasts from my carpes et al. have ruined me.
can someone help me out with a pair of mc-acceptable shoes for a wedding? was thinking of carmina wholecuts, but I think I want something a bit rounder at the tip. i have tiny feet though (EU39), and i need them before may... grazie~ @nicelynice, should i just go with some petrosolaums?
what bizarro universe did this alt-sipang come from
polos and loafers make me
Seafood Soondubu Jjigae - Seafood Soft Tofu Stew As requested... the ghetto version for @g transistor. One thing that is absolutely necessary is a korean earthenware pot. They retain heat much better than normal pots do, and is necessary for getting the proper taste. They're easy to find enough on the internet. A medium size one should do you well. Tried to make this accessible to people who don't have access to an Asian supermarket. This is preeeetty similar to what...
@LonerMatt ps the e-mail address under "Got Questions?" has a typo
please don't cuff your jeans like that. be like me and get dem mad stackz trousers would be better for that fit though
sigh.... fine, i'll get on it before the deadline.
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