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sup.let me know what you guys wanna do. prefer friday over saturday though
stop!!!! i'm too poor right now to be making poor financial decisions!!
i'll make it easy for you. neither.
i don't think it's you :]
thanks bruh. i always knew i was destined to make styleforum great again
he's butthurt that they made fun of his safeway cookie consumption habits
i have a feeling he meant isuzu yukon
never trust a man with a camera over the internet
are you also going to grow out a beard that would make gimli jealous?
ya'll know i'm the one true winner to all this shit. {disclaimer: i am impartial. i voted for rosenrot} also, i actually just wear uniqlo every day. so good job to everyone who figured me out. i actually don't own a single piece of what i claim i do
New Posts  All Forums: