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so jelly
I, for one, welcome our new orange Fourth Reich Overlord, mein Fuhrer Trump.#thanksobama
@nicelynice, is there a reason you're buying the pro instead of the slim? i'm debating between the two right now
PC culture is excessive and inappropriately overreaching, but so is this ridiculous bullshit. You asshats need to sit the fuck down. Stick your head back in that hole.
i'm slightly larger than a true 46 (like 46.5~47ish), so i'm fairly certain it'd be too small for me
thanks for the heads up! too small for me though
this is such a next level dad joke that i became 63 years old after reading it.
hmm sorry, guess they only get down to 3/32 inches width (the thin dress laces)
http://www.shoelacesexpress.com/waxedbootlaces.asp website looks ratchet as fuck, but they're reputable. i've bought multiple pairs with no issue.
have you considered waxed laces?
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