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you just added a shit ton of overhead just by having a physical retail space. no matter how large your margins are and how much profit you're making, it's kind of a questionable decision. operating an internet business is not the same as running a b&m and there's no point adding the risk imo.
i prefer #2, but neither interests me :>
Dawg that tee is no bueno. Makes your legs look short
burn that can of pbr >:{
no one really cares here in swd unless it's done by a non-affiliate store. we just want to kop dope shit.
Glad things worked out
https://www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/the-most-expensive-beers-in-the-world the most expensive accessible beer is probably Sam Adam's Utopias (about $200 iirc), but don't quote me on that
there's already an official beer thread in the culture section under social life, food & drink, and travels
that's a fucking ridiculous price for beer
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