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so i heard through the grapevine that you were going to give me that linea jacket for free. thanks, buddy! drinks on me when you visit ny!
omg spope
So what's your point? I just read the article and it says they transitioned from b&m to eshop. The landscape was also a lot different in 2006 and it was a lot easier to get your foot in the door. The market's saturated now with tons of midtier brands that cater to same generic menswear crowd. If you have absolutely nothing but a good inventory, there needs to be some way you can market that will at least draw enough attention to build foot traffic to your estore, and...
This is a horribly obtuse perspective. You are thinking in terms of the end-consumer's perspective only. What makes you think the brands would sell their goods to an e-store, in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, that has absolutely no presence, even if the buyer could curate the most amazing selection ever? The brands have their reputation to maintain and trending brands would not even consider risking their image to sell to such a store. The buyers who were able to build...
actually, i thought it looked great when you cropped out the pants. i think the pants are just too loose for such a tight fitting jacket.
seolhyun went public with her relationship with zico 'tis a sad month
plebe status kentucky fried chicken munchkin noob confirmed.
i was wondering what compelled you to color your hair magenta until i saw the second picture and realized it was just lighting
fried chicken is love. fried chicken is life. spicy fried chicken is god.
he's a dog man.
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