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there will be a labor charge of 500 dollars for packaging, but i will cover shipping
i'm selling 5 copies of asc-01 at $100 dollars a pop. pm me! price non-negotiable. super rare item!
i'm in line first >:{
found the mac user
neither and get ann ds (plaster is better)
you'll have to buy it to find out if it's blank or not!
that is where my next fit pic will be.
me too it's going to be part of my yuge book burning project to celebrate the return glorious amurrka. back to white supremacy basics and good old fashioned illiteracy for the masses yay you can find me on toiling away on a railroad or inside a coal mine in a few weeks
i definitely also agree with @nicelynice (ps. helmut lang coat?!?!). you should get a structured bag. it's just so much more practical if you want to lug around a laptop. i should have picked up that devoa bag ugh
there are tanukis, cranes, kois, and tigers, but no dragons?! rip
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