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I heard the prices of emu milk and eggs drastically increased after the Great Emu Wars
oops didn't read the text and just assumed they were side zips. hahahaha.
my gut says story et fall
i am not sure we can be friends anymore, @thatoneguy
because eck, eton, jpc, etc. have already blazed the trail.
it's fine i already feel bad for having to send them back once, and you were in the middle of wedding preparations. i think i can fix them at the tailor, but i just haven't had time to drop them off to talk with them about it. basically, the fly spreads apart in a zig-zag formation when worn. looks fine when laid flat, but obviously, clothing is meant to be worn. odd design choice to leave the buttonholes unfinished though. they're a high stress area
nah you didn't even finish the button holes on mine. also the fly is spreading apart because the front panels aren't aligned properly so i can't really wear them ~_~;;
those pants seem to finished much better than mine ~_~;; @wormwood
tickle me surprised
most internet shoppers don't care about loyalty. they care about the lowest price.
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