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There are only two rules in SW&D: 1. Be awesome. 2. Don't look like shit.
bot is very grunge rock/military-inspired with the bondage straps and patches (pockets? can't see. photo too dark). top's too clean for that. if i wore a knit with those pants, it'd be something similar to the number (n)ine destroyed knit. or maybe a rick tee riddled with holes like the one Synth wears. maybe a mihara knit? basically, go the @kgfan5 route
really digging the bottom half, but top and bottom halves aren't cohesive imo. it's really the sweater that's too clean. need something dirtier.
dude that's like....your best fit ever LOL
nope, I live in the land of the free oppression of minority groups, America. FUCK YEAHHH!!!
Thanks for the sage advice, dude.
You should also never not use double negatives.
third floor cafe sucks.
makgeolli is with pajeon. beer goes best with korean fried chicken (CHIMEK), though to be honest, i'm actually quite more partial to southern fried chicken (POPEYESSSSSSSS @willy cheesesteak) than bonchon, kyochon, etc. and there's always soju with samgyeopsal
to get crunked. why else? it fucking sucks and tastes like shit. you just down that shit and get drunk then party at karaoke, smoke cigs on the street while squatting, then eat some mother fucking hangover soup with more soju before passing out at 6 AM only to wake up at 8 AM for another daily grind. i'm actually more into beer though.
New Posts  All Forums: