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if you can pick out a few frames that interest you, those of us who have seen you irl can chime in
if i had to be absolutely honest, i think those missized english suits fit better than your epaulets... mostly talking about the right suit though
Yes the l'maltieri jacket
my wardrobe is slowly becoming @docus's hand-me-downs
27.5 insole is like a 43, but i guess that doesn't really matter because of the elongated last
yes, this thread is a high school debate club.
have you considered bulking?
Oh my god i need some of those cans of sip of sunshine.... Like maybe two cases worth....
don't get me wrong; the fabric, shape, and fit are all wonderful. the button sewing job is fucking abysmal though. definitely going to need to take it to your tailor to get everything resewn or else you WILL lose a button somewhere. on that note, has anyone turned their farmer's jacket sleeve into a functional one?
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