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Man you dudes are even more awkward than I am. Achievement unlocked status. Benes, dont put brad on the spot like that. Brad, stop being a goddamn tsundere
tbh i think you should get neither and wait for a better one to inevitably come out. the slate blue doesn't look that great and that crinkly grey just looks terrible.
embrace the swd minimalist monochromaster in you.
I agree. I have the black in a 48 and it's a tad bit short on me
Selling this Nine Twenty Five Ring: Arrived yesterday. Bit thicker than I wanted in a ring, so off it goes. Selling it new for 130 shipped CONUS. No offers. Packaging was thrown away while I was cleaning my room today by accident (came in a stamped envelope).
really? everything about kg's fit is so whimsical. i think it's great
Please do so and write on the care tag for the next unsuspecting yoox victim
I am Groot? I am Groot.
do you have the coat or does the coat have you?
Ya ya ya ya I am Lorde ya ya ya~
New Posts  All Forums: