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it's still just as bad
Welcoke to superfuture
Spice game weak.
The DNA jeans fit very differently from the DNA pants. The DNA pants are much slimmer.
yeah, i like the fabric a lot so i'm going to get them altered. the only question is when i'll get off my lazy ass to get it done also please make more of the raglan tees
my only indigo dyed things gets soaked in a vinegar solution for three days sooo.....
tuck in your gat tongues
i'm a true 30 waist and like my pants to be around 10.5"~11" in the thigh and the hem to be around 6-6.25" when stacking. i'm also a lot shorter than both of you, so i'll have more stacks, which creates even more of an imbalance.@oulipien:http://shop.zambarrett.com/m/overlocked-raglan-top-solid-black
hahahaha i ended up buying both things on your rec.the red stitched long sleeve tee is like a cross between the devoa red stitched tee from aw15? and my carpe diem long sleeve tee. really nice stuffthe heavy linen pants, on the other hand... way too big in the leg =_=;; need to slim the entire leg for it to look right on me... probably down to a 6" hem to get the stacks right? though the fabric is so thick that stacking may not be the answer... just looks really floppy on...
You're a good kid
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