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that atelier coat looks stunning. are there any styling pics of it or only the mannequin?
As for a more serious answer... the thighs might have been too big. That's the problem I personally had with the DNA jeans, so the fit looks off. the DNA pants, on the other hand, fit me much better.
Let me know if that Devoa belt doesn't work out for you if it's a size 2, @myshoeiswet.
So who'll be the one to point out that God's feet are bare :P?
grailed is banned from being mentioned on sf.
you wait until altieri gets bored of m_moria and makes airom_m
Actually, it's on Eugene to prove that because all the other facts side with my claim. And he can easily do so to prove me wrong. If I could have produced evidence of the parcel, none of this discussion would have to happen because it would validate all of psidy's story from the start, and prove that the receipt was inconsequential. You cannot claim appeal to ignorance to say it's my responsibility to prove it. My story fits with all third party facts. The only evidence...
Yes, at this point, it would be the only proof that would prove Eugene's receipt is real. Right now, that receipt does not fit with all the facts. Too many assumptions have to be made for that receipt to be valid. Literally, you would have to assume errors on all other facts and turn everything else upside down to validate that one piece of evidence. My explanation is much simpler: The address written on the piece of paper is inconsequential because the real address was...
There is literally no proof that what's written on the registered mail receipt is the same as the address written on the parcel. I can recreate exactly what Eugene did using USPS since the registered mail form is separate from customs and parcel. The only thing they use on that registered mail form is the tracking number. I am almost positive it is basically going to be extremely similar to something like this (this is for signature confirmation, and not registered mail,...
First off, that copy of the EMS customs receipt you're talking about has the address on it. They can't process it otherwise. That registered mail receipt is not the customs form used by EMS and looks nothing like the EMS form (there's no EMS printed on it either). The receipt Eugene gave you is strictly a receipt for using the registered mail service. The only absolute on the receipt is the tracking number. The only valid address used on the parcel will be the one printed...
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