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soonhari is the same flavored ethanol, just that it's flavored with artificial fruit flavors and is low abv. you can just get drunk really fast and cheap without having to taste watery ethanol. green bottle soju is basically all the same shit. i think soonhari is around 16%?
Japanese shochu is good for the same reason Andong soju is good: they're both distilled properly instead of being flavored ethanol.
Yeah generally if I go out for a soju bender, I have about 4-5 bottles to myself ~_~;; Korean soju generally tends to hover around 20 abv. The good stuff is usually Japanese (shochu). Good Korean soju never make it stateside.
alas, even i am not ready for a mellow me. anger and soju fuel my life
eton is untouchable status at sz though
sf's instagram makes me feel so lame... also @thats.mana, can you send me some of your moonshine?
cheez will wins
oh fishbones hahahaha sorry
are you shootspeed? i'm really bad at this.
just got my devoa aw15 heavy garbadine suit. fabric is super dense and heavy, but unfortunately a bit plasticky in feel i think i'm just going to opt for all natural fabrics going forward...
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