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davidlee is 5'6" and wears yohji like a bawse
fun fact: his username means butthole in korean
tie breaker fit?
the creator of tentacle porn is immortal
Razele is the new sipang of fits
i met up with some gooks last night for some good gook. because gooks love their gook. Also this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_slurs#Paki
I'm almost positive FJ Western does, as @eckblk apparently does so, but he's a longstanding customer so it may be an exception.
it's okay. your fashunz buddies are better than your gym buddies anyway
Honestly think you best bet is to have it resole elsewhere. The Firm in NY and FJ Western in Cali are basically the go to joints in the baller boots thread, though I hear significantly better things about FJ Western than I do about the Firm. The biggest ballers in the baller boots thread use FJ Western, but they're also located in the west/midwest.
Devoa SS15 Preview http://stealthprojekt.com/blog/stealthbrands/2682.html
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