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M'LADY!!!!!! *tips fedora* never go to www.reddit.com
I'm getting old ._.;
Very fair. Sorry, @The3rdConch0rd and @MGD83! I was being a dick. Also to anyone else who I've directly or indirectly insulted. Don't catch too many feels for me, though
i'm a polarizing character The uncle half and the nephew half are stuck in an eternal struggle to gain dominance
no, not really.
i think your disdain for that bd is because it's basically a walking seizure trap when caught on camera. optical terrorism. it's....not a terrible shirt, but it sure ain't a good one either.
it's miran....
post in good fucking health, fucking nephew
Some of the best posters have (relatively) low post counts. kgfan is around 5-600 or so?
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