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i believe the T is for structured toes
my devoa long jacket feels so inadequate now. so much regret not buying that destroyed silk high neck coat. but so poor at the same time. life is hard
swd, i need your advice. should i get a pair of story et fall sidezips? could use one for work, but not absolutely necessary... WHY CAN'T I JUST WEAR MY CARPES ALL DAY OTL
was this the knit that docus was selling? if yes, i hate you.
Man you dudes are even more awkward than I am. Achievement unlocked status. Benes, dont put brad on the spot like that. Brad, stop being a goddamn tsundere
tbh i think you should get neither and wait for a better one to inevitably come out. the slate blue doesn't look that great and that crinkly grey just looks terrible.
embrace the swd minimalist monochromaster in you.
I agree. I have the black in a 48 and it's a tad bit short on me
Selling this Nine Twenty Five Ring: Arrived yesterday. Bit thicker than I wanted in a ring, so off it goes. Selling it new for 130 shipped CONUS. No offers. Packaging was thrown away while I was cleaning my room today by accident (came in a stamped envelope).
really? everything about kg's fit is so whimsical. i think it's great
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