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Probably a coincidence then and my computer is deciding to crap out on me :'D
Yes, I took a bit of a risk and ordered directly from Amazon after having good experiences with getting a real bottle of the original Dior Homme back in the day and not a fake, though it may have been from a vendor and not direct back then. I can't recall. Hoping this one's a winner too and that it hasn't been stored improperly, but Amazon has a pretty good return policy, so I'm not too worried should things go sour, but it'll make everything a bit more of a hassle (also...
@LA Guy, noticing a massive slowdown in my sf browsing experiencing since turning off ad-block. Not sure if it's just me. Has anyone else reported anything of this sort? I realize turning off ad-block is a relatively unique experience. On a mid-2009 mbp (lol plebe) running firefox 37.02
that gopdol bibimbap is so not legit. really really lazy knifework.
pork is magical, bruh. especially with garlic.
yes, i, too, believe in the supremacy of the japanese elementary school uniform (10). Our venerable Mr. Moo (rest in poop) is world renown as the vanguard and champion of the style. NIPPON BANZAI! NIPPON ICHI!
i'm too lazy to go over to brooklyn, but does yuji ramen still have that ankimo miso ramen? that sounds so delicious
every time someone posts above knee shorts with a button down, this is all i can think of.
yes, that's what it was! thanks spork-chan
@nicelynice, i saw this picture you took on the sf instagram: https://instagram.com/p/17k3ASLEGp/ A friend of mine who was working in NY for a while made me this type of ramen when I visited his house, but I forgot what it was called. Super garlicky, lots of bean sprout, and a very dense shoyu-tonkotsu (?) broth. What's it called?
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