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anybody? :\?
.........is it weird that i expected brad to not have leg hair.....?
Feeeeeeed meeeeeee
va for me but i dont really like brown all too much
isn't hendrix australian?
Inflammable means flammable? What a country!
Has anyone had the opportunity to try the new Yohji fragrances? How are they? Very curious about the 3 men's fragrances: Yohji Homme, Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme, and Yohji Yamamoto His Love Story.
3 is the biggest issue for me too.. my augustas are probably gonna die soon and will have to be resoled OTL
i found the opposite to be true. rubber soles tire out my feet a lot faster, and i have a relatively high arch, so it definitely makes it worse. maybe i'm just weird...
they are quite lightweight. definitely only for warmer weather. i sized down on them, but i regret doing so. i have relatively skinny legs, so they work, but they're a bit tighter than how i'd like them. my size 2 devoas definitely fit better. going tts is the best idea imo. i'm pretty much a true 46 all around, but at my skinniest (which is not now...because winter is stouts/porter season...), i can wear a 44 if they're not too slim.
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