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i am SO. SO. SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous.
brad, you're the only squall sf needs.
Ah yes.... i live for these moments where i can blow your mind nufufufufufufu ^ benes-chan, i still get carded like a 17 year old though sometimes even for rated r movies ;;; seriously... dafuq?
man i'm just starting to lose my baby fat.... and i'm 27 ;;;;@Isolation, i've found the inspiration for your hairstyle:
Cool. Hope you get resolution. Maybe there's a cached version somewhere on google??
Can't tell if ter1413 is the sinnedk of the toj thread or if sinnedk is the ter1413 of the baller boot thread....
You lost a lot of weight, brad.
Document his sale attempt thoroughly asap.
with all the lies, it's very difficult to actually account for where the cash is. also the debt collector thing is probably a lie, so don't count your chickens before they hatch.
many people mentioned that before. it's illegal and would never happen. they may badger via phone calls, but once you establish that you are not the debtor, you can sue the debt collector if they keep harrassing you.
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