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hiring is no problem, but you're gonna need to pay me 1000 usd via wire transfer or western union for the training manual and certification. can't be an armchair psychologist internet keyboard warrior netizen without your official certificate to prove your qualifications
Armchair psychologist and internet keyboard warrior netizen
@magicalporks get @eckblk's carpes
fatty be jealous of dem legz.
I'm actually a fan of the DNA pants because they have the most proportional thigh-hem measurements, though I wouldn't mind if the waist were a tad bit bigger. Everything else doesn't really fit well because the thighs are way too large.
seƱor dinero stitches can someone shop a sombrero and a mexican stache on a stitchy fit please?
pfft. excuses excuses, fatboy!
where u at then?
lulzy as fuck that thread is.
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