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they're both farming items in dota that makes it really easy to get gold
why u no listen to me @t3hg0suazn
i bought their initial run of hidden placket shirts when they first opened their online store to us customers. it desperately needed darts to give it shape because of how boxy and unsightly it was, but it's not terrible. 5/10 would consider again.
probably closest to a fencing?
@mrchariybrown, since all the leathers are being purchased in korea, i demand that all hides undergo plastic surgery before they are deemed fit for leather jackets. please make sure any imperfections in the leather are smoothed out using botox and fillers. since these are only minor procedures, it should be safe to call them 100% natural real leather still.
a job at mickey d's is not necessarily a minimum wage patty flipping job. he can work at corporate. or, you know, he's ronald fucking mcdonald.
hello ronald
damn, i gotta be honest. that shitty mv was just one long commercial.
wait for the outcome that never happens, lose your first love, and live the rest of your life drinking, wallowing in your own misery and regretting all your lost opportunities.
i think the server is overloaded. can't get it to ring up a subtotal so it's basically gg
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