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Granted, it should have been in the clothing thread. I wasn't paying attention when I posted it initially. However, you have to seriously be turning a blind eye to everything he's done if you're using that as your defense for wormwood.I know of 6 people wormwood scammed on SF alone. Unless they want to post publicly, I won't say who they are, but I have the paper trail should I ever need to make a case. The ones who wanted to post publicly have already done so. wormwood's...
Some people don't want their personal information released publicly over the internet, and have thus chose to confide privately. They are entitled to their privacy, but people should be aware of what's going on so that they can protect themselves. As wormwood has already scammed numerous members on SF with his nama/karu pants, and is using the same excuse that he used on two other members (AlexTG is one, the other prefers to remain private), it is more likely than not that...
I'm only a messenger. I'm not going to reveal anyone who doesn't want to do so publicly. Grailed also has a history of deleting buyer feedbacks to maintain high seller feedback ratings in an effort to ensure that their platform gets more turnover. This has been documented by SWDers over in RFT.
More news has come my way regarding @wormwood AKA Eugene Ansimov AKA thirdofwaters. He apparently scammed a few people over at grailed using the same excuse he fed @AlexanderTG about Portugal Post (CTT) losing his packages. Don't deal with him in any way if possible. He's shown his cards and he has scammer written all over him. It seems your good graces are wasted on him, @Jbravo and @psydle. Oh, and if anyone is still curious, obviously I haven't gotten a refund or...
damn, those are some scathing reviews
new york is too goddamn humid.
i think they'd actually be really good worn sockless/with no shows, and with dark cropped pants during the warmer months.
it was listed as a size 40 in the men's section
RO jeans not optimal for fit. Too much stacking and too skinny, so it makes your CCPs look even longer. Think you should have opted for something slim-straight instead to keep it in line with the farmer's jacket.
those bone derbies are ace also YEAHHHHHHH BOIIIII
New Posts  All Forums: