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Congratulations! You're normal! You're actually self-aware! Hurray!
I don't not foresee you not wearing black derbies with your blue jeans, just like how I don't not see myself not using double negatives.
there is not a single facepalm meme on the internet that can accurately reflect how hard i need to facepalm right now.
seriously, stop making posts like these and just use the thumbs. it serves the exact same purpose without cluttering up the thread with pointless "I AM IN FULL AGREEMENT WITH THIS POST AND MUST POST ONE FOR EACH AND EVERY POST MADE THAT I AGREE WITH"and before you say anything, YES, YOU ACTUALLY DO THIS.
i think a more apt analogy would be to say that the designer is the architect, the patternmaker is the engineer, and the producer is the construction crew...
i'm not a designer or a patternmaker, so obviously take this with a grain of salt and feel free to correct whatever needs to be said because i don't really know how much they should overlap, but i think the really important distinction that people are forgetting is that she was the pattern marker for ccp and not the designer of ccp. she was responsible for executing someone else's vision. perhaps it is simply the natural course of her past experience and work to result in...
[ @ ] username [ /@ ] alternatively, you can use the @ (mention) button in the interface.
this forum is no stranger to that
i did not get what i asked for and i demand a full refund for this mishap because i am an entitled, enlightened, and woke sf consumer.
faust has an extremely myopic and excessively narcissistic view of the world. anything that he can't compartmentalize into his expected world order is distasteful and deserving of his petty condescension.
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