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i actually just look up mr. moo on pornhub for my daily fix. baby, stop being so frigid
help, guys! kgfan's fit lies outside my dadcore normcore expectations! he must be an asian hobo gangster! but i don't mean AzN HoBo GANGSTA because that would just not be right......... especially because i am the smartest most clever most physically fit... but nobody else seems to realize it :'( (also that asian hobo actually looks really dope)
It's supposed to snow tomorrow....
i really doubt those are meant fit under pants... unless you're wearing some jncos....?
you know what i think this fit would be better with? your carpes (0)
Do you plan to/have you vibrammed them?
the rights to the three stooges cost 8k
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if shadowbanning existed in SF. Would Moo and I exist on a separate plane, arguing incessantly while the others are completely oblivious to our existence and our respective plights? Would there be sporadic spatial rifts that form from all the angst and petty arguments that would give SFers a glimpse into the what Moo and I must experience on a day to day basis? Sometimes I like pretending I'm a troll with long, flowing hair, to remind...
15 days left, dist-chan.
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