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song for the mute
seems more galliano than margiela
hnnngggg.........why am i broke....... those painted sidezips.......fuckkkkkk
No, you need to cut off a piece of your own foreskin to be replicated using cutting edge stem cell research at Sruli Recht's lab first. You'll need to wait about fifteen years for your foreskin to be large enough to tan and process into a leather jacket, but don't worry! TOJ promises to deliver in 2030.
@nicelynice, is your wife also a seahawks fan or did you just cajole her into wearing it?
Uncle is very poor these days, Nephew. But please wear your m.a+ in good health.
yeah someone should get those white derbies and beat the shit out of them over the summer
didn't know you were a spokesperson for the fat acceptance movement, benes
Yes, that big guy might look RELATIVELY good wearing rick and julius, but that doesn't mean he looks GOOD.
fwiw, my original daypack does not use pebbled calf. harharharhaharharharharhahrarharharharharharharhar laff in yo face.
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