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you did it!
i only lie 50% of the time, koy. ps. you shouldn't have taken that post seriously.
I only exist on the internet. This is the correct answer.
that stacked heel looks bad. if you can't find the lower heel, pass
if you search inside your heart, you'll find me
Usually in about 2-3 weeks
@Synthese, see above for proof re: shaving head -> prominent beard. The Uncle Nephew only lies 50% of the time!
Random Recent, Stupid, and Pointless Observations List of Some Randomly Picked StyleFarmers: 1. @the shah is 63 and dresses better than you. Take a day to let that sink in. I'll be your kaishakunin when the inevitable shame overwhelms you and you need to redeem your SF honuru. 2. @sinnedk makes a lot of bad, tasteless jokes or facepalm worthy/utterly pointless comments. Sometimes these things overlap. Something something lack of self-awareness something. 3. @Synthese...
My individual anecdote is indicative of the retail landscape as a whole!
New Posts  All Forums: