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too many good s fits. snowman, spacepope, synthese, sipang... hnggggg all i can post is this: ronery and snowed in after singles awareness day. excuse the messy desk: from left to right: Bell's Brewery Hopslam Ale Werstatt Munchen Punched Wound Ring Schlafly Tasmanian IPA Founders' Dry Hopped Pale Ale Plebe Chimay Goblet
fuck you she's mine.
it's snowing again today...
this is the original band collar double rider made of, iirc, pig suede
this shit was rigged
natural fibers are usually better, but synthetics can be done very well.... for example, the ckc megaman jacket was fucking awesome, .though the synthese factor does definitely create some bias. poly blends are a non-issue for the most part.
how the fuck did gwhitehead lose to el argentino
fuck. that snow was so fucking heavy because it was so wet
the mole people slip up sometimes
it's actually kunk dressed up as moo
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