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That only proves they used the tracking number and accepted a package using that tracking number. There is no guarantee they used the address written on the slip. Anyway, Eugene can provide a picture of the parcel if he wants to. It would clear up any doubt and would automatically completely destroy all my arguments, so it's in his best interest to do so. My claim that the address on the parcel and the slip are different explains all the facts and the rationale behind...
Portugal Post can ship it to CA if it's written on the parcel, and it would not be an error on their part. The receipt is not indicative of anything since it wasn't the one Portugal Post issued. Eugene wrote it himself on a separate slip of paper that does not go anywhere on the parcel. The only absolute on that form is the tracking number. It is unlikely the package was forwarded from IL to CA because it went from NY customs (ISC) to CA directly.
Actually, by your own argument, we cannot take it at anything more than face value. There is no longer a guarantee that wormwood wrote the same address on both the receipt and the parcel since he writes both independently from one another.If USPS made an error and delivered it to CA by accident, you have to assume that errors were made every step of the way since registered mail tracks each step. While this isn't impossible, it's far less plausible. Unless the you want to...
that is most definitely false in the us, but i dont know how things work in europe. The customs slip in the us has multiple carbon copies for the post office, customs, and the sender. This is also the case for ems. You must declare address on the customs form too. Regardless, if what you say is true, there is no longer a guarantee that eugene wrote the same address on the parcel and on the post receipt.
That's the thing. It's not a shipping receipt. If the registered mail service works similarly to how it does in the US, it is not decisive since they don't use anything other than the tracking number on the slip. The customs form is the real post receipt (and the customs form is the only completely irrefutable piece of evidence when it comes to shipping, anyway). Should this be true, this would also explain how wormwood operates for all his targets. Like I said, I don't...
First off, it doesnt prove that the parcel was sent to the buyer whatsoever, or else it would go against all the facts you have personally confirmed by calling USPS yourself. You are seriously reaching if you think city name should discredit psidy and should put eugene under the same scrutiny since this one piece of evidence doesn't fit with all the other facts we have at hand. Even if USPS did make a mistake, this would have all been amended at the local post office since...
I think that may be a triple ipa from the overtly boozy comment
Does anyone have shipping experience with CTT/Portugal Post and could spare some time to answer a few questions please?
i admittedly have very little experience with portugal post, but why does he have the master copy and not the carbon copy? doesn't the post office keep the master copy?
If either psidy or I created fake accounts on SZ or SF, we would have already been banned along with the fake accounts. I'm starting to get the feeling that it's Eugene, you, or your friends making those accounts to try to divert attention away. Anyway @LA Guy, I'm flagging @wtfandro for now.
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