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size 40 rick boots 350 USD: http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/boots_cod44796431se.html
^ aren't you a 34? how are they too small in the chest?
tickle me surprised jun hashimoto s23ms? DON'T TELL ME I EVEN GOT THE STYLE WRONG. i need to reevaluate my life if that's the case
just found a six pack of tipa... brewed on 10/21/2014.... hoping it still tastes good...........
because baby, it's cold outside.... and i want you to dictate my style
.......... WOW. .... is this guy a meta-troll? you can't be real.
i really had to ask because of the pose + the no homo remark.
don't worry, baby. i'll pose for you any day
are you deep in the closet or just naturally that flamboyant and feminine? you're posing like a female runway model.... without actually being a female runway model.
i just..... can't... i don't even know where to start without doubling over.
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