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benes is always so frowny angry looking WHY SO SRS BRO? WHY SO SRS?!?!?!
my job consists of lurking reddit, reading the wsj, browsing fb and sf, gchatting. and trying my hardest to stretch 2 hours of work over an 8 hour day :'D being underemployed makes me so sad (0)
you don't get to steal this from reddit and not credit it!oops. i was beaten to the punch
brad is a tsundere and lane is a yandere? makes sense.
I preordered the suit already. It is 95% wool and 5% polyurethane. Not my favorite blend, but it'll have to do for now. the finished one looks different from the sample up on archivesf
tuck only one shirt tail
my only regret is not posting in the green and blue challenge ;(
WIAWRN lawl....it wasn't as good as i had envisioned.... back to the drawing board
is jacket, devoa shirt, devoa belt, snowpants......? will it work......hmmmm
haven't most challenges been two weeks long? justcasuallyobservinghere
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