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get the vibramed on the down low and she will be none the wiser
cheap size 37 carpe linen over leather clogs for your ladyfriend: http://www.ebay.com/itm/321739499563
How to win at the StyleForum Game: Rule 1: Be good looking. Rule 2: Have a body even Adonis would envy. Rule 3: Wear dope jawnz dopely, dawg.
Then you can't claim that it's odd that 85% of the orders are complete but July people are left in the dark. baddie.
Of the remaining 15% of orders, a disproportionately large number of them can be July 2013 orders. It has been established countless times that order date is not indicative of production date. I'm also playing devil's advocate here just to fuck with you BUT BASIC MATH, MOTHER FUCKER.
and yet you still don't understand percentage....
that's because you're clearly bad at math.
Well, I saw your post, but I didn't really care enough to comment on it since it was late at night, but since you asked...There are a few basic thumbs that most posters seem to abide by:1. "I like this and think this is a good fit" thumb2. "Good effort" thumb3. "I like you, Mr. Poster!" thumbOf course, there are different permutations and variations and none of the above is mutually exclusive, but I think these are the three most basic reasons why people give thumbs in...
good job on the junya
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