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yes, devoa goes up to 5. older season was a bit inconsistent with sizing, but current stuff fits tts. psydle's sizing list is correct. i wish they'd release more of the older style of devoa tees. I much preferred them.
he's too swole for it.
so he can toss you to the end of the line, bub.
well, we know nicelynice is a rulebreaker....
@nicelynice, you should do a julius skirt ~*MAGIKURU TWAARU KUROJINGU SWAAPU*~ with your wife for this challenge.
Everyone knows.
Oh man.. Synth, julius is your true calling...
1amsos1eepy hey, why isn't this working? 1amsos1eepy 1amsos1eepy what am i doing wrong?
there's always toj for you
Yeah, I got mine. I had a sizing issue, so I can't fit into them lol. The fabric is really nice though.
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