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all part of the master plan....
Or you know....they're not picking up the cost of delivery just because asshats are spoiled by free continental us shipping... the cost of doing business isn't the same everywhere in the world. SHOCKING!
i'm not interested in poetry, but rather enjoy prose.
where you at @wormwood
i will come to the trunk show if @Synthese will do a kpop dance-off with me
to be honest, i'm a terrible dresser. i'm only here to troll you all and spread the gospel of kpop gurlz.
fairly certain this is the size 50 that i posted many months agokop with the swiftness
i'm from the us and i know this
Are you dense? They're shipping from Canada
TIL don't post fit pics until your clothes are half beaten to death and have character and visual interest from dirt and scuffs
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