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Yes, your outfit sucks because it does not meet the minimum wawyt fit cost. You must spend over $100,000 to warrant consideration. Most importantly, though, you must wear 24K gold thread undergarments made by Benvenuto Cellini both under and over your regular undergarments.
good job, you can size yourself properly! you're all grown up now, kid! don't need mommy's approval to make sure your shirt and pants aren't inside out. go out and do great things, tiger!
i also can't prove that you're an idiot, but i'd like to believe you are anyway.
apparently, grindr got boring for colabear, so he decided to fish for d on sf instead.
everything. but especially you. done.
it still sucks
The leather is several decades old. It's not like the elephant was shot for the sole purpose of making the jacket.
I don't really care either way what you wear since I'm not PETA, but I just want to point out that ethics != logic.If you were stranded on a mountain and your fellow climber was dead, the logical thing to do would be to eat him, despite whatever ethical objections you may have to this.
It's not a rando. @Chinorlz, the designer of Collateral Concepts, is the guy who made the jacket, and he's the one who posted the backstory.
If it's the one from lazzari, it should be a 48. Though it measures larger, the farmer's jacket fits TTS. Don't size down on it.
New Posts  All Forums: