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i honestly have NO idea. i use a memory foam pillow like a normal person
get a korean wooden bed
It's ironic that he has a near perfect seller rating on grailed.
Obligatory gym fit pic. Pecs no vis
와구와구 앙~~~~ hyeri likes her man pizza ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
i wrote off the loss, but i can't deny that i'm still salty for being swindled out of over half a grand.
a few people never got their pants, while others, like myself, got unwearable pairs because of bad tailoring. and then he went mia after i called him out and documented everything openly because he's a pussy ass bitch who can't man up and do business honestly. his responses are pretty fucking lulzy because of how absolutely delusional he is. it basically boils down to "GAIS I CHARGE 500 DOLLARS FOR PANTS BUT I'M ONLY HUMAN SO I MAKE MISTAKES! IS IT SO WRONG TO EXPECT 14/HR...
go beat up wormwood for me. he stole my lunch money.
Why has thou forsaken us? Don't be Judas, @Synthese. Don't be swayed by false promises of silver cufflinks and sprezz!
cm makes more monies than swd.
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