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What makes you think this is the case?
from megaman bomber to floral prints. what an evolution. the only constant is your hair.
Yes, a damp cloth is fine.
rider spoke very highly of her work over on sz. i don't think she shows up as much around here because afaik, she designs mostly women's pieces.
have you ever elaborated on said structural deficiencies? curious to know more
if you mean the one on greene street in soho, i think it's still open
that atelier coat looks stunning. are there any styling pics of it or only the mannequin?
As for a more serious answer... the thighs might have been too big. That's the problem I personally had with the DNA jeans, so the fit looks off. the DNA pants, on the other hand, fit me much better.
Let me know if that Devoa belt doesn't work out for you if it's a size 2, @myshoeiswet.
So who'll be the one to point out that God's feet are bare :P?
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