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too busy up top
selling artisanal hand made leather jackets. any issues with stitching is intentional and part of the artisanal design and should not be considered a manufacturing defect. should stitching come apart, wearer should be informed that it was intended and shows the transience of life and the permanence of death. any issues with fit lies solely with the body of the wearer. bulk up, scrawny/get skinny, fatty!
뿌잉뿌잉 뿌잉뿌잉~ 나.... 귀엽지~?
i feel like this is one of the situations you'll regret if you let them go. go kop
hnnggnng;askdjfkldsajfl;dasfjld;askfjldsa;fj why am i so broke
swd is full of aspirational shoppers
hopefully those socks accommodate smaller feet too @casadisartoria. suggested max is US11, but is there a suggested min?
it's the hangover anger. also my lunch delivery is late. fuck.
fuck boa. she was never my #1
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