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i'd buy that yohji if it were smaller
using the same factories isn't revolutionary. i'm fairly certain is and ma+ use the same factories as carpe. the last just looks more like the wjk version than the carpes. maybe i'm just going crazy.that being said... i wouldn't mind a pair of those vachetta derbies also i genuinely doubt this will be the case. or else stores wouldn't have picked up guidi back in the day. businesses are in the business of making money.
@Master-Classter, your post would be a lot better if you didn't bold the "buzzwords"
hard life for poor fuccbois
basic people do basic things
look more like the wjk/jun hashimoto version than carpe diem proper...
fun fact: no one cares about your opinion
much swag. many costanza. such george.
too much competition for my lazy ass to stick my head into
@spacepope need confirmation thx.
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