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Thanks Moo!
Is there anything wrong with Olay Regenerist? I used to use their Night Repair cream and it worked pretty well IME. I feel like skincare products targeted towards women are usually better even for men.
Would you guys vibram a pair of boots that have been worn relatively frequently or would you get the sole replaced first?
i have that same jut neck. quite unfortunate, but that rip is unrepairable.
I personally use Kiel's Daily Facial Moisturizer, but I found that it has a bit of an......off smell to it... I noticed my skin has been getting worse lately (sigh, i'm getting old...) so I'm looking to update my skincare regime as well. I feel like Asian skin and American skin care products don't always work together very well. The main issue I've noticed with my skin is that it's starting to age a bit, and my blackheads become prominent if I don't exercise enough to...
You're gonna be annoyed even more. I guarantee it.
i like things made in japan because they're shorter in the body D:~ shortpeopleproblems
outsole measurements are largely meaningless for these brands. they do not translate well to insole sizes.
Korea needs to beat Belgium by 3 points...... Jesus, take the wheel.
Petition to rename Mr. Moo to Mr. Moolady
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