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WIAWRN lawl....it wasn't as good as i had envisioned.... back to the drawing board
is jacket, devoa shirt, devoa belt, snowpants......? will it work......hmmmm
haven't most challenges been two weeks long? justcasuallyobservinghere
no no no no no. the coat is much too voluminous for how slim those pants are. you need a really voluminous top block and a serious taper if you want to do that fit. kop some snowpants from the online store or something. also wear something other than a ridiculously lowcut t-shirt under that blazer (?)....what is that thing exactly under your coat? i'm guessing blazer from the second lapel i see peeking out.
I dont have the white one. The grey and blue oxfords are not sheer in the least
For anyone who is interested in the COS Hidden Placket Shirts, I just received mine today (very fast shipping!). Here are measurements for the size 15: Neck: 15" Shoulder to Shoulder: 17" Pit to Pit: 20" BOC Length: 29" Sleeve Length: 25.5" The armholes are relatively high, but not as high as the Japanese brands I'm used to. Fabric is better than Uniqlo's, but not anything spectacular. I think the buttons may be mother of pearl, but don't quote me on that. Definitely a...
synth has become a littleperson (◡‿◡✿)
well i hope their 15" neck shirts fit like a 15" neck shirt...
thanks, p4!
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