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@conceptual 4est, they say you die when you see your doppelganger. i hope you never see @raags in person, Moby.
i'll see ya'll next time
having your dog pass unexpectedly and suddenly is hard ._.
i, for one, am legitimately surprised that fuuma admitted to liking shoujo and josei manga.
lol thewho13 thinks he can do filters lol u suck hahahahahahahahaha are the boots regiselas?
I'll bring a tanto if you allow me the honor of being your kaishakunin next Thursday, Moby.
christopher walken?!?!?!
c4est hurt mah feels so i won't be there ;o;
no one can resist the baby pig
for the longest time, i was debating whether i should buy the ones on layers and have them dyed black lol the horween stamp really ruins it for me... @eckblk: you got a hookup?!
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