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For every good look she has, there's a bad look. Looks way too much like she's trying to appease the lookbook and instagram crowd. Too deliberately stylized. It is costumey.noob.
39. yes, already ordered
oh shit. totally missed those. thanks!
the leather looks really shitty on all those barney nakhles...
No, not really. I appreciate it for what it is: a good fit. Maybe there are certain pieces that I want from them, but for the most part, I like how my wardrobe is developing. Is that a third sleeve on your long cardigancoatthing, @Auximenes?
You really give Distorbiant a run for his money
Tired of being a shoe model with his feet, this adventurous man decided to wear boots.... on his hands. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!
well, you won, so it's technically your call
urban ninja
synth, the rabbit hole is calling you again. Go DH or SLP
New Posts  All Forums: