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there is a size 44 a1923 vitello ankle boot on g---led.com
nah, notwithit is cool. the only uncool kid is @Benesyed. whomp whomp whomp I MISSED YOU STITCHY
qq moar noob!
at the trunk show like a cool kid. noob.
hey, stop spreading lies about me!
i, too, was wearing the red 5-zip i was half thinking of just running off with it while art tried on my devoa blazer, but then i remembered my keys were in my jacket pocket
Actually, it's me but thanks for the compliment!
@afixedpoint in the back with his paint dripped gats. they look really awesome in person
Only shoe porn... Especially art's shell carpe s23ms
@Synthese's hair is more amazing in real life. So jelly because my hair is basically a bunch of limp noodles Also @LA Guy's sashiko was fucking awesome. His DIY job was fantastic. Gonna steal @artishard116's red 5 zip one of these days....
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