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yo @g transistor, make sure you save a page for my safe space
Synth goes to NEW YORK, eats too much KBBQ, drinks too much SOJU, stumbles back into the airport with @CONCEPTUAL 4EST.
same one you have updated for 2018 ;x thanks for all the help
@willy cheesesteak burger king bought out popeyes for $1.8B. whatever shall we do T_T??!?!
i spent too much on a custom leather jacket. bad life decisions.
i have the same problem. muscular calves but very small ankles
i believe this is what gbs said over at sz
it's learned to question authority.....!tbti'vebeenheretoolong
swole life problems
veg tanned horse and washable calf are my two options. i, too, am leaning towards the horse, but the weight and stiffness might be a bit offputting
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