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larger user base, less stringent moderation. also people have fewer sticks up their asses round these parts. unless you're mr. moo.
that was miran, sf's resident troll
yeah, la guy confirmed it.
sorry, i just saw this. mr. moo is not a troll. he's a lonely, deadbeat dad who gets no love from his kids, so he attempts to "troll" sf in a pitiful attempt to make himself feel bigger than he really is, but he fails miserably because he's butthurt all the time.
so i'm really nitpicking here because of my own personal biases, but i honestly think that m.a+, is, or carpe boots would work so much better here. the rounder last would really balance the fit more, for lack of a better term. idk, the pointiness of the ccp boots is kind of ruining the overall fit for me.
@Synthese, thank you for the devoa pickups on styleforum's dime. my only regret is not being there for late night (early morning) karaoke and drinking. (korea does karaoke better though)
i'm so popular with the ladies!
stitchy, stop ruining my mo
is he really an ex-enron exec? would explain why he's so good at dodging questions
Are you volunteering fo be our Belgian proxy of all fabrics wonderful, @sipang?
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