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@robinsongreen68 is wearing a regular fit tee with pants that have an extremely elongated rise/drop crotch that he's wearing low on his hips and have a rather straight fit, so the proportions look off. i think it would be better with an oversized tee and/or the pants being worn a bit higher.
that's a size 11US/44EU
shoreman probably stayed at the executive suite or something
this is 100% your best post ever.
@nicelynice, i read up on it and it's supposed to be good for your spine
i honestly have NO idea. i use a memory foam pillow like a normal person
get a korean wooden bed
It's ironic that he has a near perfect seller rating on grailed.
Obligatory gym fit pic. Pecs no vis
와구와구 앙~~~~ hyeri likes her man pizza ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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