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LOL. here's some real irony for you guys. this is what the korean says: 이기적 식탁 (2009): the selfish dining table (2009) 이기적 고양이 (2010): the selfish cat (2010) yeah, he's a selfish sociopath all right
But in all seriousness, that dog is really cute
Actually, he was being quite genuine. You're just an ass too
that's really beautiful
watch out! uncle frost likes to molest people by feeling them up under their jackets and coats
i can't tell if this is an exercise in cognitive dissonance or if you're actually THAT unaware of how skin tight your clothing is.
how is it possible that you've been on sf for 7 years?
can't wait until your toj arrives to compel me to participate
i think you should just get a black one if that's the kind of bag you want. check your pm
red bags are a nice pop to a mostly greyscale wardrobe, but i don't know how it'd jive with the warmer colors of your wardrobe.
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