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'twas a fascinate limited edition. sadface. i am just going to buy a luc farmer's jacket insteadoops, i thought nicely was talking to me, not synth.THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME LALALA~~~ OTL
sashiko coat. but @LA Guy's has made me very biased.
the parka is also sold out LOL... on that note...maybe i should just hunt for a farmer's jacket in the aw11 material instead...
someone............bought the coat last night DXand it wasn't me ;o;if it was a sfer, hit me up if it doesn't work out for you......
parka or coat? coat is (infinitely) more awesome but parka would see more wear (because ain't nobody got no time to be cold in ny and i'm lazy as fuck) and is acceptable in awesomeness level. also there is no issue of my shortness with the parka either.... pics withheld to stave away potential competitors basically, should i value REAL utility or REAL dopeness? i know the real answer is the latter, but i'm a poor poor man
winston is lying. i had to get a size 38 for my guidis and i'm a true 39. totally joking. size up 1. sometimes even size up 2.
being a total brand snob, i don't think i'd be able to live with myself if i wore a d&g shirt. even wearing the d&g tie i got as a gift makes me feel like a terrible human being (sorry friend!)
oh dear god. d&g is the only brand that makes the exact shirt i want? am i turning into a eurotrash monster ;o;?
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