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i really don't see how it's all over the place. it's pretty interesting fit. very geometric. look at how the layers each work with each other, both in color and gradation. i like it.
which sissy p jacket is that and how tall are you?
But why not just move to NY, drop a 1.5k on a shitty apartment, and have an extra 2.2k to blow on crack, trannies, and other street ladies? are SF trannies higher quality than NY trannies?
Pretty sure @Dbear was essentially saying that you'd be paying 3.7k to live in an area rife with prostitution. edit: late post.
hit me up if that doesn't work out for you unless it fits a 48 and not a 46 was eyeing that but the measurements seemed a bit too big for me.
Were you banned for a while, Moo?
@El Bert will come to your rescue. You just don't know when yet.
not that i know of. sorry!
it's all the weed
really dig the fabric on the second one
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