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what exactly did you ask your cobbler to do?
definitely think you had a stale hoppy birthday. despite its low abv, i remember it being closer to a standard ipa than a session. really aromatic and nice, clean bitter finish
given your build, the pants fit fine and work well with regards to the rest of the fit. sf is just gravitating towards looser fits lately. the majority of sfers is still susceptible to trends.
the caterpillar is a metaphor for his soul
logistics would quickly get into the way of this. like renting a space large enough. say there's a buy in to get a space. how many people here are really likely to do that when the probability of something selling successfully at the proposed flea market is lower than it is to sell online? maybe over on the CM side, but they generate enough business on the B&S here... so what's the point?
i know this is a super long shot, but anyone know if it's still possible to get the individual sentiments ss16 shirt jacket in black in a size 1?
fuck you you should have sold me the suit instead
all part of the master plan....
Or you know....they're not picking up the cost of delivery just because asshats are spoiled by free continental us shipping... the cost of doing business isn't the same everywhere in the world. SHOCKING!
i'm not interested in poetry, but rather enjoy prose.
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