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he's in the uk. europe has different customer protection laws.
mikey, sometimes you just gotta believe the heart of the cards.
i had a derp moment and i thought, wow, that's a really interesting url... and it didn't click that it was groiled until i clicked the link and got a 404 ~_~;;
SVB, are you the lawyer that TOJ needs, or the lawyer that TOJ deserves?
he's mostly korean and part black. i don't think he's that proficient at korean though.
Idk, looks pretty proportional right now... which is big all over... but not in a bad way. wear it shirtless and do a walkoff with regis. my issues lie with that godawful spread collar shirt and trainwreck of a tie
fair enough, but only for that brief fleeting moment with the sales clerk
learn japanese and become the second resident sf japan gaijin.
the true master returns!
not that i know of. the last pair of raw hems i've seen are from around 2012 or 2013. i'm almost positive it's the former though. this is for pants, though. i think tees/uppers are a different story.
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