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ignore shitbong. the real issue is the color. too light for the rest of the fit
yes, @g transistor did some r&d on gourd, herb, and vegetable fabrics and created some new vegetal-cotton-linen blends that @snowmanxl made into fully canvassed suits. foo sprezz optional.
the name is pretty ridiculous. on par with dbss and shit.
no, that's incorrect. it's because they're used to western retail pricing models and expect average resellers to sell at sale prices as if they got the product at wholesale prices.
Putting this up for sale. Too small for me. New, completely unworn pair of TOJ slim trousers in black. size 30, but fits smaller (waistband measures 30"). Single pleat front, nonworking waistbands (apparently was part of the design to be nonworking lol). http://toj-gallery.com/album/toj_slim_trousers_2012 here are all relevant photos. they are completely unworn and are unaltered. same as these. pm me for any questions should be the same as stock measurements: size 30...
if he liked it that much, he should fucking pay 2k or at least offer somewhere near that. if he had to complain about "areas of wear", he doesn't want it that much.
what a fucking retard
i really wish devoa just went back to its roots in tailoring instead of experimenting.... or i wish i had more money to buy all the carpe i want off y! jp...like 50k worth....
i just noticed you had those metal bowls. damn, you are super korean, possibly moreso than your girlfriend.
fuck if i ever send you snapchats again, asshole >:{
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