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has anyone told you that you look a lot like lee seo jin?
it depends on the dress code. even if it's your drummer and he's very artsy elsewhere, he can still have an extremely traditional wedding. if that's the case, your suit will be really out of place.
i wouldn't consider that wedding appropriate, plus the jacket looks oversized in a bad way
that is a worthy upgrade for your toj. i approve.
Bang! Straight to your heart~
no my mbp legit died and the asus zenbook pro looked mighty fine for a lot less than another mbp
to add onto nwi's suggestion, how about a hard msrp price limit instead of limiting it to basic brands? The Poor Baller Style Farmer? The Budget Style Farmer's $500 Guide to Survival? Mo Monies Mo (Koppage) Problems?
a 42 is a women's size though. it'd be a US 26 normally. ask for measurements for sure. might just be super oversized
hello folks. recently switched back to windows after being on mac for 7 years. any suggestions for must have programs/apps or are they all mostly universal now? anything i should know about windows 10 @_@?
protip when making dumplings: never use a food processor. always cut by hand for best texture. also use pork belly.
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