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i remember the good old days when i was a lot angrier and self-loathing. now i don't give a fuck and just resorted to even more self-loathing, so i've got that going for me. also it's been 8 years. of course sf will change! people's interests and tastes will change, and the people frequenting the place will change. i'm glad sf is organic and can adapt. static is boring.i feel like you're about to tell us all to get off your lawn (ya damn whippersnappers)!
poeme sizing is all over the place from what i recall
but apparently, men are stupid enough to pay that much for stitching
I was the same. Then I kept watching. Now I'm basically a Once D: @penanceroyaltea even taengoo is doing it...
i have no idea what stdh.txt is, and i'm even more afraid to google it.
this just reminds me of the time when i bought a _julius thieves fencing, and the seller used pictures of his nearly unworn size 3 pretending it was the size 2 i was trying to buy, and then sold me a mangled size 2 that was clearly damaged. so of course, i start a dispute. he told me his sister was sick in the hospital and asked me to reverse my dispute so he could pay for his sister's hospital bills, because the money i just sent him was the only cash he had on hand. told...
i never claimed it was good. just said it would be better without
the most majestic of all purples...
i'd buy that yohji if it were smaller
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