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only basic people don't buy the base shirt when it's up for sale. true story.
this. i am a very true 36 and while i can fit into the size 4, it pulls slightly at the chest.
man.....devoa used to be better...... i'm sad now.
ya'll need to get smaller so i can buy some shit off ebay that i've been watching...... >:
ivy league education gets us far, dunnit, porks? i seriously question my intelligence sometimes
that took too long to post, @magicalporks
so i can see two things posted to recent purchases instead of one
@magicalporks http://item.rakuten.co.jp/blowz/2037557/ they have the blazer version too
somewhere on the interwebz, probs.
If you're closer to a 52 than a 54, you may be able to fit into a size 5. H. Lorenzo, The Archive, and Fascinate all carry some size 5
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