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because your premise is your conclusion and you argue backwards. you said the burden of proof is on the accuser to prove the case. the automatic assumption here, then, is that the defendant is innocent until proven otherwise. that's fair, except when you try to justify your premise (and thus, conclusion) by creating more and more conditionals to maintain innocence (ie. usps is a shitty service and has been documented as such on google, so they messed up the shipping) you...
you backpedal a lot to try to prove your objectivity in all this. you work under the premise that eugene is innocent and argue backwards to try to prove your conclusion that he is innocent by trying to prove that psidy is lying.psidy presented a case stating that eugene scammed him because the tracking number that he was given for his linen shirt was shipped to california even though he lives in illinois. he couldn't put up his evidence on display because of logistical...
same operation, basically, yes, but they had no real obligation to compensate toj customers since toj was registered under drew. dan and charly were basically salaried employees at toj. obviously there can be more to the story, but at least they're running a reputable and reliable shop right now. anyway, there's no point trying to explain things to newp, because he's too set in his limited views to ever consider that eugene is a scammer. literally, the perfect storm of...
This is not the case. They spinned off separately and are independent.Yes, Drew used the money to finance his restaurant, became illiquid as a result, and then decided to jump ship on the whole operation once he could no longer pay to make more jackets.newp, you tried to discredit me as a case of buyer's remorse even though it's clear to anyone looking at the situation with even a modicum of objectivity that there were clear flaws in tailoring. and then he basically used...
ETA until @newp comes to defend Eugene Christ again?I suspect more people will come out of the woodwork now that the foundation has been laid. Was the same shit with the ToJ thread once people finally got over their cognitive dissonance and figured out Drew's scheme.
deep breaths, buddy. deep breaths.
stop appropriating asian cultures brahhhh!!!!just kidding, nice fitHad to do a double take when I saw this. Thought SVB got plastic surgery for a second.
Captoes are a fairly innocuous piece in general. They're not particularly difficult to pair.
You shouldn't buy something just because it's cheap. You'll end up with a lot of things you are less than happy with.
i really don't think the roughness of destroyed horse works well with captoes. i also hate captoes in general, so ymmv.
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