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i honestly think you should get the sawtooth ann ds instead so we can be sneakerbuddies
i get the feelz. my carpes are rotting in my closet because i just wear my ann d sneakers every day ~_~;;
people need to stop killing it with wide legged pants. i want to keep wearing my slims. STOP TRYING TO THOUGHT CONTROL ME
stay stylish this summer by wearing your cool paint splattered gats with cropped navy pants and a luxury linen button down
Fashion pays shit and you're surrounded by retards
Where is the man of the hour, @wormwood? Are you running away from all this? Why can't you provide real tracking or honest answers? It's been over a week and everyone's waiting for their answers.
Buy first, regret later. That is The StyleForum Way.
i am sad for your loss, but i cannot fathom what was going through your head when you considered the robbie geller even briefly over that beautiful 5 zip. if it were me, i'd have kopped first and debated later since that burgundy 5-zip wouldn't be terribly hard to flip if it didn't work out
your fault for asking when the answer was that obvious >:!
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