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the only justice SF needs is the burning of your gats.
wow, he actually delivered?!
shot down
"The world needs more people who appreciate and not just consume" - @the shah
5'6". my feet are pretty small even for my height. i can do a 40 with thick socks or an insole, but 39s feel better because i get less heel slippage.
if anyone finds any nice black non-reverse derbies to fit a 39, hit me up! particularly interested in the s25m, but i know that's a long shot.
i hold grudges. i saw you liked kyle's post edit:missed this:yes, this is true. but it still doesn't change anything; they still look good (here).
i have a deep seated hatred for all things birks...
man, berlin report makes birks look GOOOD.... i am ashamed those words came out of my mouth
This. The idea of one strike, one kill is inherent to budo. It is not present in the philosophy of other martial arts.
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