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i laughed. smh.
this is how i feel about guidi leather.
short tongue dunks/geobaskets/ican'ttellthedifferencebecausethey'reallblack
H. Lorenzo.
Every single 5 zip you posted fits well. I think the calf looks better zipped, but that's because it's more structured. Personally, I think the lamb looks better unzipped.
You're right, I secretly revel in how TOJ turned out so I can bitch more about inane shit that I have no part in and ruffle all your feathers.
I'm in the clear already. By your logic, James Hyams has no reason to help out either. I just don't see any worth in pursuing this avenue when your time could be better spent trying to organize something that would actually put a fire under Drew's ass.
Why do you think media attention will help move this along? It's not like Drew cares about his reputation at this point. Scams like these are extremely common in South Korea. I don't see how much traction even reputable news sources would have on pushing this along unless it literally gets the police hounding after him, but that's wishful thinking at best.
Because The Korea Observer is a joke. Look at the website. It's a shitton of fluff sensationalist trash. There is absolutely no way The Korea Observer could apply any pressure because no one takes it seriously.Okay, I stand corrected about his card in this, but I still stand by what I said about the Korea Observer as a whole.
What did you do? All I see here is you taking credit for others' work. How are YOU part of the "we"?
New Posts  All Forums: