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the instep is low for sure, but they fit tts. it really depends how high your instep is. the backzips are one the easier models to put on. trying to put on the sidezips (which, to be fair, are more comfortable on they're on the feet) is pure torture.
@g transistor get on thesepsidy, by your logic, all boots look similar.
me rn
terrible is what this is.
i want to say andrew macdonald boots
https://*****************/listings/1900092-Carpe-Diem-CARPE-DIEM-S45M-CALF-LEATHER-DERBY-SIZE-42 one of the best iterations of the s45m. blake stitched. why can't you be a size 39 TT
go to lisbon and beat up wormwood
it's a chinese knockoff. do not buy, bro. trying to keep you safe from those scamming trolls.
not really. shape is not nearly as elegant as the s40s. they are beautiful in their own right.
wow, i never thought i'd say this about a1923 but... those are really beautiful
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