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Rofl that you think you're not a primadonna Bitch please Bye felicia Call the Kardashians or the real housewives
were you bothered because i stared at you for a long time wondering if you knew who i was? because i knew you. i'm always bothered by how flat my hair is...SO MUCH SHAME.also, who the fuck is that in the descendant of thieves ad? is he related to to thick as thieves? why is his face more punchable than mr. moo's? why the fuck would you pick such an asshat for your banner ad?
personally, i'd go darker, but i don't really wear brown footwear either.
that's a really ugly shade of brown
lol. you're funny.
you're gonna need more than 3000 won per day to get patbingsu. that shit is mad classy and expensivo now.
and i the bottom pair
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