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Glad things worked out
https://www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/the-most-expensive-beers-in-the-world the most expensive accessible beer is probably Sam Adam's Utopias (about $200 iirc), but don't quote me on that
there's already an official beer thread in the culture section under social life, food & drink, and travels
that's a fucking ridiculous price for beer
coughcoughbutjustasplannedwouldbesoaproposherecoughcough duly noted, though. also been getting popups on my phone while browsing sf occasionally. idk what triggered it, but it was a sam's club thing and something else i forgot. sf was the only tab i had open.
@ThaiToast hit me up if you get bored of that suit (i hope you're a 46)
to be fair though, i think a lot of people on sf are content doing all their kopping online regardless of their location.
His fit is boring, but your suggestions are even worse. Shut up.
not too fond of the warm brown with all the cooler colors, but not bad
all things considered, this isn't the worst way to go out.
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