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the tongue is super edgy and makes this fit work (/s)i would have opted for a white shirt or one that isn't such an earthy green, and longer trousers. the bluish kimono/gi top is blue enough that the earthiness of the shirt is jarring.
cost of food and labor has gone up a lot in ny. restaurants often operate on small margins, so additional overhead generally gets charged to the customer. that being said, i wouldn't be surprised if they raised prices to standardize it and fund their expansion.
@LA Guy stressed it often in many posts, but I've only now come to realize how important back measurements are in structured pieces
perhaps on the swd and trendy fashion side of things, but i doubt that holds true on the mc and ~*timeless and effortless style*~ end.
oh my god @LA Guy started sf to sell data on us. THE LONG CON
does anyone wear non-white athletic socks?
His quest for the one green wallet is the stuff of legends
so many people in korea carry fake logoed canvas bags
Michael Anton is a Claremonster.The word "monster" exists in Claremonster.Monster has seven letters.Michael Anton's StyleForum username is Manton.Manton has six letters.Seven minus six is one.The one dollar bill has the Eye of Providence.The Eye of Providence is the symbol of the Illuminati.Michael Anton is part of the Illuminati.becarefulfam
he's a graphics designer o,o; might have misread your post
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