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i appreciate what you guys do, but it still doesn't change the fact that the leather jacket is absolutely atrocious, even if you made it exactly the way the customer wants. would have been better to refuse to produce that imo.
I have a pair you might be interested in. I have a pair of size 40 goodyear welted S21Ms that are in near mint condition. HMU. The instep is low but the boot itself has a long last, so it's fairly TTS, but I found my narrower S21Ws fit me better because I'm a 39, not a 40.
lol faust is like 5'5". if it's too long for nicelynice at 5'11", it'd be way too long for faust.
Beer. Lots and lots of beer.
i know! how could they! geller, that dirty gaijin outsourcing bastard! HE HAS NO LOVE FOR FREEDOM AND AMURKKAA!! LETTING THEM TAKE ERR JERBSSSS team america needs to get moving.
i'm kind of curious what it feels like to walk on the drips before they wear down.
kyle gathering energy for his genki dama
like samgyeopsal?
you need wider around the ankle.
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