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hahaha i was looking at the s45 in cavallo or vachetta... is the r for reversed? sorry noob question
anyone ordering c-diems? seriously contemplating.....
slimmer through the leg and because it curves through the leg, it fits even slimmer from the knee down. you might have to size up to get it to fit properly through the leg if you like how the minimalist slim linen fits you through the leg.
oh man. what a fantastic morning
do you not drink at all or is it because you have to drive?
Don't you usually taper from the inseam, not the outseam?
well i'm always down to chill with sfers in ny over korean food and copious amounts of alcohol. i'm just extremely lazy at planning coughcoughcoughc4estmyshoeiswetghostfaceartishardbowscoughcoughcough
cheer up nico nico ni
is there a chinese mart near you? they usually have the freshest samgyeopsal since they usually have the most inventory turnover (0). you're gonna have to slice it on your own though
mfw senpai finally recognizes me
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