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click the thumb button and it will tell you the 20 most recent thumbs. i think the denim is definitely weaker than the boots, but obviously, personal taste is going to factor this a lot more than anything else. ie trousers, m.a+ trousers, or something along those lines is what I was thinking.
did not mean to thumb your post. andit's not about outshining the outerwear. it's about pairing the right pants with the right outerwear so that they complement each other. had he worn different boots, those jeans probably would work. in the context of the current fit, the jeans are the weakest link.
if, by any chance, you see one to fit a 46, please let me know
who makes that waffle knit?
maybe "moody cowboy" if the boots were different. like a synthboot. time for some suede jodhpurs?
I stole a line from like 30 pages ago by @fistinyoface.
that coat is too cool for those jeans. and it knows it.
The floral print incident was not an isolated one. Also he gives REALLY bad advice. The florat hat tied agvs's entire fit together. It was THE piece that made the fit.
fits TTS ime
hey hey hey, i won't stand for slut shaming. @chakmak is free to use his/her/its body however he/she/it pleases.
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