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he's probably talking about the credit card cash back discount or whatever that caused a big ruckus a few weeks ago
i would totally buy those sesame street vagina highs they probably killed ernie, big bird, and cookie monster to make those! limited edition goodness!
most brands make very few EU44s. the majority that they make end up in the japanese market
this is basically the case with most higher end brands with gaudy branding
i hate patch pockets, but that fabric looks gorgeous
halfway between blue and purple. just feel for where the bone protrudes out. also, i found my breath smells worse if i don't eat for extended periods of time, but ymmv. i always have mints or gum on hand ~_~;
this hits close a bit too close to home for comfort
if you have to ask this, you probably don't want or need the item that much.
happy new year folks
Do you think this is more a product of western retail pricing or simply because of lack of perceived demand? If the latter, do you think designers would take more risks on the more difficult pieces if the US had a retail model closer to Japan's? Though I realize Japanese brands have a much smaller size run, so I don't know how viable it'd be to scale to meet US demand.
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