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it's because they're woven ._.;;;
i feel terrible for wanting a pair of those woven derbies
I bet people who complain get kicked to the end of the queue. My friend got all 3 of his TOJ jackets.
it's really racist to assume that all production coming from china is trash. whiteprivilegesparklingpower~~
Come to ny by thursday, @indesertum
Trying this year's kbs right now at the ginger man. I don't know if it's because it's been so long but I think it tastes better than last year's
calling all styleforum's politicially correct keyboard internet justice warriors! ERR MAH GERDDDDD
You don't have to want to wear the fit to acknowledge the fit for what it is: a good fit. I'll probably never wear rick, but if someone pulls it off, all the more power to them. Liking a fit is more of a general approval of how it looks than anything else. For me personally, I may not like the fit, but if I think it's a progress in the right direction, I'll still give it a thumb coughbenesyedcough ENGRISH ALL DAY LAJDOAISNLFKSAJCLASKFHASFJCMASOGHFOISAJMLKAS
New Posts  All Forums: