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you're basically killing your own budget to accommodate hers......and well.... women will be women when it comes to their bags and shoes..... COME AT ME, LAST THREE PAGES
i don't see anyone with fabulous hair. YOU LIEEEEE
my poor lips....they were so prickly on the ride home T_T I GOT RAPED, I TELL YOU! RAPED!!!!!!!!!
only the front hem is asymmetric. it tapers to a perfectly symmetric back.
with how devoa is constructed (separate panels), i don't think adding a vent is feasible at all without ruining the symmetry of the back
no, it's probably not going to go up for sale. i don't dislike it enough to flip it, but i don't like it enough to say there are no regrets. it'll still see wear, just probably not as much as i was anticipating at first.
his hair is so much better than mine.......also he's taller and like 15 pounds lighter LOL i'm a fattie OTL (but yes, mine is the charcoal version of that exact same suit) the stretch wool is a bit disappointing. i prefer drier, crunchier fabrics that give better stacks.
There's actually another thing I don't like about the new one... it's ventless DX
i'm SO CONFLICTED NOWWWWWWW (it arrived) quick, sf! give meaning to my life.
i am seriously considering getting the asymmetrical hem removed at a tailor
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