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LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Wow, moo. Age has not made you any wiser.
eat more prosperity dumplings and prosper.
devoa, individual sentiments, devoa, carpe diem, guidi
i'll remember to do a proper facepalm for my next fit pic.
mah bad. i saw it after i edited it and was debating whether i should separate the moo part into another post :X
oh the coat is NAT? is it the minimalist one from this season? the shoulders are pretty strong
will you be the uncle to my nephew? or do you want me to be the uncle?
my trolldar was tingling and the troll-signal painted sf's sky.
kanye likes fish sticks and letting the world that kim kardashian is not a hobbit. also, sorry moo. guess i was her rebound she wanted some of my honor because she's ashamed of being married closet gay who participates in russian lemonparties you know, katana and scabbard shit.
New Posts  All Forums: