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fwiw, i think that is a great look
i was cleaning my room today and i pulled out the s23ms that i haven't worn yet because i was too lazy to get them vibramed and damn, they're beautiful.... same with my backzips.... and my is by is derbies... i'm so lazy that i only wear my s45m derbies because those are the only ones that are vibramed OTL .... i have problems.
make your feet smaller
fun fact: korean celebrity stylists are called codi because the term "coordinate" is also an english loan word (adopted from japan) in korea \o\
better does not necessarily mean good.....
this is better than your usual fits but not a fan of those gloves and the zip boot tuck
it's only been a year since i've bought them but they're still going strong and I am ROUGH on my earbuds... they're holding up better than the sennheisers ie7s i bought before them
i'm a big fan of the shure se215 for a price-friendly in-ear noise isolating bud if you're not looking specifically for cans
i want to try dinner
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