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i think this is a very nice look:
Quote: Originally Posted by highball jimmmy c or anyone else- Can you comment on the fit of the Knightsbridge? Looking to order a pair but haven't been able to discern how the new "Capital" last fits as I've heard it may be quite different from Loake's other lasts. Thanks! sorry for the late reply they fit me very comfortably. I unfortunately have quite wide feet. probably should take a G fit but usually end up taking an F and sizing...
i have the knightsbridge from loake's 1880 range and enjoy them
i'm afraid they're not oxfords (if you were still looking for oxfords?)
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Nobody answered to say where I would be able to get Smedleys in Dec for £50. Any replies? I basically came in here to recommend john smedley. They have sales on their website. Their merinos went down to about £65 online in the January just gone. I particularly like the Bower fit - nice high v neck.
Quote: Originally Posted by revamp Well, this might deserve it's own thread then. But care to make some brand recommendations on general wool (merino?) v-necks? john smedley
like this: nom de guerre, but £295 for 20% nylon. what the hell? ridiculous and not worth more than £80 in my opinion.
i reckon it'd look pretty stupid. so no.
Quote: Originally Posted by quuz Bought this one today and I love it Tried an m first but it was a little to big, s first perfect. All tough Im a little disappointed its 60% wool, 40% acrylic for the price. Alltough its warm and cosy as hell i like i don't know about others but i'm noticing a lot more acrylic in clothes this season than usual. like, pretty much all of apc's...
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