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B. Nelson could fix most of that, as could Sky Valet in Washington, DC, and probably Resole America, among others.
London Tailor in Bethesda, Christopher Kim at 20th and M.
The only socks that are appropriate with boat shoes are no socks. Easy.
I think it's for holding your glasses. See, e.g.
There's absolutely no reason why any of the tuxes should have to match. Perfect matching between all of the tuxes is a sure sign that you used rental tuxedos, a touch of variation makes it look like you have the kind of friends who already own tuxedos, which are a nice kind of friend to have. That said, how much variation is there between tuxedos? Obviously you shouldn't be considering some sort of gaudy pin-striped contraption with a pink vest, and black tuxedos with...
2 Brooks Brothers noniron buttondowns, one light blue, one pink. 17.5x35, pink one has a tiny bit of yellowing around the collar. $35 for the pair.
2 Brooks Brothers polo shirts in XL, in great shape, one pink, one with wide blue and white stripes. $15 each, shipped, $28 for both OBO.
J. Crew seersucker sportcoat, 100% cotton, worn ~15-20 times. 3-button, center vent, quarter-lined, really nice, freshly dry-cleaned! $55 35 shipped OBO. Chest - 24in Waist - 22.75 Length - 31 Sleeve - 26 Shoulder - 20.5
London Tailor near the Bethesda Metro. They're very good.
3/2 roll navy patch pocket undarted sack blazer 1818 Madison, MADE IN USA Loro Piana wool 48R Bought new, worn ~20 times.§ioncolor=§ionsize= New $598, yours for $115 OBO. Measurements: Chest: 25" Waist: 24.5" Shoulder: 20.5" Sleeve: 23.75" (but with quite a bit of extra fabric to lengthen) Length: 32"
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