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I have this beautiful vintage Florsheim longwing in oxhide, 8.5 D, the shoes is in excellent condition, very rare, I bought it as new old stock and worn it about four times, inside the shoe says union made, $150 paypal only shipped to conus, shoe tree is not included [URL=http:// [URL=http:// [URL=http:// [URL=http:// [URL=http://
when are you going to post the indy for sale
why couldn't these be 8.5D
I have a pair of A.P.C. X SOPH. petite standard raw, retail at a.p.c SOHO $240, $old or gift shipped to CONUSA. The pair is new never worn, beautiful details more info here actual measurement waist:14.5" lay flat, total around is 29" inseam:33" thigh right below the crotch:10" Hem:6.5"
Love that selvedge carpenter pant, sent me an email if your price drop synificantly.
RRL are very well made shirt, good price here compare to what some are asking on Ebay.
I think the the auction for those items had ended
A pair of Genuine Alligator shoes from Neiman Marcus. Worn only three time, beautiful color, it is little too tight for me. Excellent condition, I had topy added to the bottom of the sole when I got it. 8.5D $old shipped to ConUS.
I have a pair of straight fit Uniglo raw selvedge denim made in Japan, I bought it from their store in Ginza,Tokyo. It is too big for me, label 32" waist actual measurement is 33" , inseam 30.5" hem 8" you need picture please forward me your email, Only worn in my house for fit and sat inside my closet. $OLD shipped to con USA
both pair of shoes lower once again to $100 for each pairs
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