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My pet peeve is with ties. Everyone seems to screw it up by 1/4", even though they should be the easiest article of clothing to measure. Quote: Originally Posted by RJE If you mean you consider the difference trivial, I don't agree. I think that 1/8" difference for width is near a full (US) D (standard) to E (wide) width difference. Measurements are always a bit fraught, especially for clothing where the exact point of measurement and the...
Sent you a PM.
How slim is custom fit? Would you happen to have a shoulder and chest measurement? (understood if you don't want to unpin that thing)
Quote: Originally Posted by IBJanky I am interested, but I'm not into cuffs. I'm assuming my tailor can take off the cuffs? (I've never had cuffs taken out before.) myke Should be a simple operation, as far as I'm aware. Have to admit I've never had it done either. Don't think it's any big deal though.
I bought these from another forum member but the fit is just a bit off for me. The original seller said they had been worn one time. The color is heather grey and the material is 65% wool / 35% cotton. Flat front. Measurements: waist: 16.25" rise: 11" inseam: 29.5" + 1.75" cuff + 1.75" additional to let out ankle: 8.5" $40 shipped CONUS.
What is the chest measurement on that Zegna jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee Measurements of the gray flannels would be great. (Widths of the thigh, knee, and bottom hem would be great.) Thanks. And a waist measurement too.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Are these made from wolf? Can anyone confirm??
Totally want those Zanellas. PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by jeff w what kind of fabric is #3? Cotton.
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