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Could I have the width of the green Jil Sander tie please?
Preferably natural fiber. 8-8.5" leg opening.
Casual-ish. Shoulders 17.5-18". Canvassed would be nice. <$500
What's the waist measurement and the length? Thanks.
Bump for Lagavulin.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles let's get some Haiku's N Shit up in dis piece. A generous gift Excellent marketing too All are winners here
Could you post the shoulder measurement on the first Borrelli please?
What are the measurements?
SOLD This is pretty nice, but the person I bought it from mis-measured it, and I don't have the energy to deal with an alteration or a return. It's 54% linen / 46% silk, 3.75" wide and about 59" long. It's in good shape with a nice texture and medium thickness. Anyone want it for SOLD shipped in the CONUS?
Any chance you know the measurements on the Mattabisch shirts?
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