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Darn, didn't mean to post this in SW&D.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hazad I've always gone by the guide posted by A Harris (found here: http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...1&postcount=1). "Shoulder width - This measurement should be taken from shoulder seam to shoulder seam at the widest point" That's what I'm trying to do. Here's another picture taken from an angle similar to the one in that guide. The measurement comes out the same, and in any event I don't see two points...
I asked for a return from seller UFN because he posted the shoulder measurement of an Aquascutum coat as 17.5" and I got it as 19", which to me is an egregious difference. I sent him a photo; his response: "I would say that even that picture is open to interpretation and that we don't agree how to take the measurements." I even offered to pay the shipping back to him, and he refused. Granted, I asked for the return several weeks late because I was on vacation etc, but I...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi are you GinoAGC's buyer? No, I think I missed this story =). I'm not into badmouthing people and I want to see if I can resolve the issue before bringing it out in public.
I'm releasing a bunch of stuff back into the wild. These are all items that I bought for myself but didn't work out or I just don't wear. I've sold several times on the forum to satisfied buyers and had many uniformly smooth purchase transactions. I also have the coveted 100% positive ebay feedback. All prices include shipping in the CONUS. If you're in NYC we could arrange drop offs. Outside that, please PM me. Any other questions, please ask and I will update...
Quote: Originally Posted by dave5 Is this a serious question? Um...yes? I have encountered resistance. In fact I am encountering it right now.
Is the general consensus here that if the measurements are significantly incorrect, the seller ought to be willing to accept a refund?
Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee Seems kind of Draconian, no? I'm not a frequent seller here, so I guess it's not a huge deal for me, but it seems like mere protocol to answer a question asked by reply, as you did in this very thread. I agree, this is bad policy. If I have a question on an item but I see that someone has already asked it, I expect the answer to be replied so that it is public (and I can be informed of it by subscribing...
Would love chest and shoulder measurements on the first shirt.
Interested in the Audley.
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