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Is the general consensus here that if the measurements are significantly incorrect, the seller ought to be willing to accept a refund?
Quote: Originally Posted by MisterGee Seems kind of Draconian, no? I'm not a frequent seller here, so I guess it's not a huge deal for me, but it seems like mere protocol to answer a question asked by reply, as you did in this very thread. I agree, this is bad policy. If I have a question on an item but I see that someone has already asked it, I expect the answer to be replied so that it is public (and I can be informed of it by subscribing...
Would love chest and shoulder measurements on the first shirt.
Interested in the Audley.
Could I have the width of the green Jil Sander tie please?
Preferably natural fiber. 8-8.5" leg opening.
Casual-ish. Shoulders 17.5-18". Canvassed would be nice. <$500
What's the waist measurement and the length? Thanks.
Bump for Lagavulin.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles let's get some Haiku's N Shit up in dis piece. A generous gift Excellent marketing too All are winners here
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