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This thread deserves an update. How did everything turn out?
I lost my shit at "thuglife".
One and only price drop.
I ordered these online but I could feel my sperm count decrease when I tried them on. My future children will thank you for buying these from me. They are brand new with tags. SOLD shipped CONUS. Outside of that please PM me.
What size is that J Crew shirt tagged as?
pm on 20
19 29 33
SOLD I had these two suits made when I was in India, but I've never worn them and it turns out that I really don't need to wear suits often enough to keep them in my closet. They're decent quality, nothing wrong with them at all, and could serve someone very well who needed a couple of staple suits on the cheap. I brought the material over myself when I had them made. I am a slender 38, 5'11", 160 lbs, and they fit me well. The first is a grey windowpane two-piece...
Price drop.
$185 Lip Fridge Red Watch Really interesting French watch, a reissue of a 1960s style with a red suede band. I love it but I have another watch that I wear every day. Goes for about $300 online. Comes with the original box and everything. Perfect condition, no scratches anywhere, worn 1-2x. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. I've sold (and bought) a lot of things on the forum and my ebay feedback is 100% positive.
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