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covert coat. bad ass.
Could we get ankle measurements?
Bump for a very good seller. That Brioni tux is pure class.
I have that dunhill tie; it gets a lot of compliments. Nice stuff overall.
I love your username. You joined around the same time I did. You have around the same number of posts that I do. Are you me?
I bought this by mistake. I do that sort of thing sometimes. shoulders: 17" chest: 20.5" sleeve: 25" length: 27" NWT. Tab collar. Retails for $62 + shipping + tax. Yours for SOLD shipped in the CONUS.
Executive at Borrelli: "Fuck everything, we're doing 11 folds!"
I just bought these from another forum member but they are a little too small for me, mostly due to my freakishly high arches. (When people see my instep they usually go, "what the hell is that?" I'm starting to think chelseas just won't work for me.) These are marked 10.5 and should be pretty TTS. A 10 could probably also do it. Measurements are 12 3/8" by 4 1/4". They indicate blake stitching and are made in Portugal with topied leather soles. They are dark brown...
Madras plaid canvas in blue, green, yellow and white. Brand new, just too small for me. Sole is 11.5" by 4". SOLD Perfect for winter!
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 Incidentally, Ed, do you plan on making any ties in narrower widths? It'd be a great option for slimmer guys. +1, I'd like to see them 3-3.25".
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