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price drop
Seven pairs: black, light grey, maroon, sky blue, green, gold, and navy/tan/stone. Brooks Brothers charges $9/pair for these. I'll sell these as a lot for SOLD in the CONUS. They're all in perfect condition, most unused. I think I might have worn one or two pairs once.
I bought these from another forum member recently but they don't fit me quite right. $55 shipped in the CONUS. International PM me. Measurements: waist: 17" rise: 10" thigh: 11.5" knee: 9" ankle: 7 7/8" inseam: 36.5 (hemmed) Info added: 100% cotton.
stupid nice
covert coat. bad ass.
Could we get ankle measurements?
Bump for a very good seller. That Brioni tux is pure class.
I have that dunhill tie; it gets a lot of compliments. Nice stuff overall.
I love your username. You joined around the same time I did. You have around the same number of posts that I do. Are you me?
I bought this by mistake. I do that sort of thing sometimes. shoulders: 17" chest: 20.5" sleeve: 25" length: 27" NWT. Tab collar. Retails for $62 + shipping + tax. Yours for SOLD shipped in the CONUS. http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/w...4351523198.png
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