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Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar What the fuck is wrong with these noobs???? Damn, they are worse than women! I want to sell...no i dont....yes i do....yadda yadda.... Regards. Well that's unnecessary, but sorry you feel that way sir. I guess what I should have said was "Okay sold, thanks SF!" Just being honest and light, you should try keeping it that way too, no matter how many posts you have made on this board. And honestly, if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Two facepalms in a row hurts. But hey, it was an interest check... and at least I brought to attention where it does appear to still be available (wading through that site is a bit of an exercise). Sorry to be a tease though.
Whoa, okay guys, the effusion here has made me reconsider and I think I'm going to keep this because I am impressionable and not afraid to admit it. But as a PSA, I got this from Shopthefinest.com and I believe there is at least one left, though you'll pay a little more: http://www.shopthefinest.com/Items/b...k%20Tie%20Silk They've also got a couple in navy if you scroll through the Barba ties. (I am in no way affiliated with them by the way, and actually wrote a...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff this is one NICE tie. Thank you. It's not even stolen.
I might return this but want to see if there is interest here for it. It's 3.5 / ~60-61" and 6-fold. Price would be $80 shipped CONUS. It's super nice but it's rather light-weight - it's either unlined or lined with very light material. It does have nice silk and 6-folds so it's got some substance but I prefer heftier ties. Will return soon if I do so let me know if it interests you.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaliGent Harvie Hudson Blue Check Shirt with a full cutaway collar (done by a tailor) I didn't know you could alter the collar on a shirt without having the original shirtmaker remove and re-do the entire collar. Did you have extra material for the shirts or were they able to work with the existing material in the collar?
price drops
price drops
Chester Barrie sold.
All three of these jackets are just a little too big for me. Otherwise I would keep them, so I'd be open to trades. I generally wear slim 38 regulars. (For the fit pics, I'm 5'11, 160 lbs.) 1. NWT Polo Ralph Lauren Seersucker Jacket - asking $90 shipped. Marked as Medium. I think it would fit a 40L or 42. 100% cotton. 3 roll 2 button. Single vent, still basted. Functioning cuffs. Pink under collar, flaps. Half lined in self-fabric, with lining in the...
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