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Bump for a good seller. All the RL Signature I've seen looks really nice.
What's the width of these shoes? Like a standard D?
what's the width of the tie?
how wide is the tie?
Does no one else configure the page to show threads by original start time rather than last post time? That makes it a lot easier to see what you've missed, as you can just scroll down to where you left off before. The only downside to this is if someone later updates a thread with more items for sale, but you can subscribe or just open threads in new tabs that you think have promise.
what color is the belvest? grey, brown?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar I am sorry for my language. Regards. PS. And no, I don't like the tie even if it was for $10.00, so that was not the issue. Okay, no worries. Just to be clear, my potential offer would have lost me money, not made me money, and I decided I did not want to do that on a desirable item, when I had made no commitment to sell. If I had simply offered it for sale and gotten the same interest, I would have sold...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar What the fuck is wrong with these noobs???? Damn, they are worse than women! I want to sell...no i dont....yes i do....yadda yadda.... Regards. Well that's unnecessary, but sorry you feel that way sir. I guess what I should have said was "Okay sold, thanks SF!" Just being honest and light, you should try keeping it that way too, no matter how many posts you have made on this board. And honestly, if you...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi Two facepalms in a row hurts. But hey, it was an interest check... and at least I brought to attention where it does appear to still be available (wading through that site is a bit of an exercise). Sorry to be a tease though.
Whoa, okay guys, the effusion here has made me reconsider and I think I'm going to keep this because I am impressionable and not afraid to admit it. But as a PSA, I got this from Shopthefinest.com and I believe there is at least one left, though you'll pay a little more: http://www.shopthefinest.com/Items/b...k%20Tie%20Silk They've also got a couple in navy if you scroll through the Barba ties. (I am in no way affiliated with them by the way, and actually wrote a...
New Posts  All Forums: