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If you're contemplating small versus x-small, or some such sizing quandry, it's difficult to say . . . . I own a couple of their jackets and buttondowns as XS and they fit perfectly, whereas I'm quite pleased with the S fit on the hoody (in earlier days, they had "slim fit" and "classic fit" for hoodies, the classic fit being bulky and un-fly, but now there's not these two categories and the fit is generally quite slim-ish); and for the thermals I cannot imagine even your...
What are the measurements?
Great help & assistance, particularly with my foolish costumer confusion, I'd def recommending picking up a pair of these, even as a dude, they're perfectly good looking pair of jeans for summer times or anytime.
Perhaps it's post somewhere off on the Internet, but I'm wondering what're the measurements of the M-65? Great. Thank you.
Sizing confusion aside, but has anyone actually had any luck using the Band of Outsiders Online Store to purchase one of their painfully titled "This Is Not a Polo" polo shirts, which look intriguingly colored if overprice as is the BoO m.o.? I'm just curious--as of right now the store appears still mostly defunct.
Dashaansafin--I have the same problem with the overdyed green batiste shirt I bought this spring, which I've worn no more than 10 times, and washed it in cold water three times, line-drying, and around the collar is a blob of orangeness, on the interior part, and on the body of the shirt there are dots of orange-fading color (I associate this orange hue with bleach, but I never used bleach, nor did this shirt encounter bleach, so). I'm not sure what happened, but I'm leery...
Should I send you a private message?
Hi, I would like to purchase these. My name is Alex.
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