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Sup. Got a pair of Spring Courts for sale. DS condition, never worn. 65 shipped. Pics More pics available upon request. Hit the pm for contact. Peace.
Sold. Thanks.
Classic Medium Charcoal Flat Front 100% Wool W=39, FR=11, Th=13.5, A=8.25 In=35 Had inseam hemmed with cuff to 35" from 37". Originally purchased from CKSnipe but were way too tight. $70-> $60. Contact Inbox.
Sent pm for 14.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThomSquared If anybody on here knows where in God's name I can find this sweater in a medium I will handsomely reward you. I really need to find this damn thing...,1027.html edit Maybe a brick and mortar has one, just saw webstore sold out.
Quote: Originally Posted by brittain because money doesnt equal style. I've seen some pretty crummy outfits on here too, but I'm sure the person could explain away what they were going for when they wore it. I was trying to figure if their was some sort of history behind those types of suits. I guess it's because of build like ratboy said.
I'm curious too. I don't like them but I see a lot of sports types wearing these kinds of suits. I've seen them selling at 2 for 200 with 2 shirts and a tie, but I doubt athletes can't afford nice clothes, so why do they wear them?
You would be best off in the B & S forum, but I guess you can't try that stuff on. I'd do some research, save a little extra money and get a better suit down the road.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Summer evenings up here can be just a little cool and I find having just a light scarf keeps the cool breeze off just enough without having to grab a jacket. And I like the look as you mentioned. Sound man feminine, no disrespect.
My apology, the shoes are a 45 size, which I think is a us 11.5 Bottom of shoes measure 12.5 inches. From the original time of post, the shoes will be reduced $10 every 12 hours, to avoid bumps on updates with no new info/stuff for sale. Thanks
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