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Quote: Originally Posted by M. Bardamu "Could care less" is the bamboo splint under my fingernails... Jesus, yes. Right under the thumb. Ouch. How people ignore the absolute redundancy of that statement is beyond me.
I need to read a hell of a lot more, but; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (vying for top space with The Great Gatsby) The Great Gatsby (totally aesthetically satisfying. Astonishingly well written) A Clockwork Orange (had a grazhny bratchny of a droogy govoreet he 'couldn't empathise' with this book. Needless to say I took a britva to his yarbles) 1984 (the story I thought quite juvenile but the greater message exceptionally well-considered) + American Psycho...
Quote: Originally Posted by connor arms akimbo is gonna look like a goober Gotta agree with you, guy's got zero swagger and poses like a virgin. But damn, you talk a hella lot of trash, considering.
Searched Band of Outsiders Oxford on google images to check out the old patterns and look who popped up on the 2nd page; What a small world online fashion is. For some reason I'd have thought Kel an LB hater.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro Baroni and Hughes might be the two biggest dicks in MMA , EVER! "That idiot has nutted Phil Baroni!" I was watching an old series of TUF a couple days ago, and noticed just how many of them actually made it to a respectable position in UFC. Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin, Josh Koshcheck, Kenny Florian; I doubt that'll be the case this year with the HWs.
Lulz. Dreamt i got a double rider last night and was boasting to my bros about the softness. Shit'd be a premonition if i had the megabucks.
AWOL poster 'Biscotti' jawnzed an A&F duffel kop. Vintage, looked good.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanmnguyen I see. If I wore a 8 normally, size 7 in converse, and size 39 in YSL Rolling Sneakers, would you think a size 7 would fit? Thanks a bunch. Isn't 39 a US size 6? @bob99: I don't think it's too tight. Will be a tad once you wash it.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one -Uniqlo salt and pepper hoodies, in black and red, and tiger stripe hoodies in navy and dark brown. about $30 a piece, and I was able to cop size XL this year; I got there too late last year and I got an L for $20 and wore it all last winter even though it was a size too small. Just got the same one in the XL plus the other 3 and I'm pretty satisfied. Never have to buy hoodies ever again. This in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I like the concept but if the shirt tail was shorter, it would look terrific, IMO. How he can pull this travesty out of the bag after some pretty good MC fits is beyond me. Near every aspect of the outfit is not to my tastes. That beanie, THAT hoodie, a tie with THAT hoodie. Wowsers. More thought is needed, you have done so, so much better.
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