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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Need to figure out a new stylish hairstyle once I finally do land a new job too. Yeah, at the moment it's a little showery, and bringing down your fits. First lesson you need to learn is to cut it shorter on the sides and have it fade up into a slightly longer top. Should be maintained regularly. + get rid of that moustache. @Adam24: The second fit is spot on. I think the shoes look too clumpy with... For the discerning Kenneth Cole enthusiast. I work at Aldo as a 'stockroom co-ordinator' (shoe lumberer) and they have several other knock-offs. Was quite a nice leather pair of fake Vans Eras going for £22 in the sale. Compared to the repugnant offerings of the 'dress shoe' and 'loafer' lines, they make some decent looking trainers and casual boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Want free clothes? Would it be doing the latter party a great injustice if I said Biscotti looked a tad like Rudolph Nureyev in some pictures? Though I wonder if he has a t long.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 No way bro. I know a lot of guys who are 5'11 and wear a 32" inseam. He's 4 inches taller, he could easily wear a 36" inseam, especially if he's wearing dress shoes or boots. I'm 6'2 and wear a 32" inseam. Though I don't like stacken'. 6'5 friend of mine wears 36" with considerable break. Damn I don't know why this conversation is even happening.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherb Hey...I am just looking for a bit of help hear... I am 6ft 3 164 lbs and have a 36" leg and 33 waste The only fit jeans i am confident wearing are slim fit and i feel that joggers never suit me because they are either to baggy or make my look really skinny any one else have the same problem? thanks... If you can suggest any kind of fit that works well... thanks for reading guys Tom I find it hard to... Came out recently in the UK. I was wondering if any of you had tried it, or some sort of American equivalent. Honestly, a quickly-consumed bottle of this stuff would take the starch from the legs of even the most seasoned drinker. Unfortunately it's £30 (~$55) a bottle. I sunk a few of the 8% variation one night a couple weeks ago. Tasted like carbonated pish with a shot of ethanol injected into it, but certainly had its...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman I find the people who complain about campers extremely stupid. Isnt the point not to get shot and kill as many as you can? Yea it is so thats why I set my ass up in a cozy little spot and shoot some mothafuckas. I wasnt called spooncamper for nothing back in the Rainbow Six: Black Arrow days. It's the same for all games, and the reason why CS etc. have camp-prevention systems on certain servers. It's no...
Warts and sprezz. A delectable combination, I'm sure you'll agree.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 ^ You cut off your friend's balls cuz he didn't like Clockwork Orange... daim. It's OK bro I stitched them back on. I've forgotten much of 'nadsat'. I was beginning to appreciate 'Newspeak' during 1984, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher It's not redundancy. It's missing a negator. And knowing is half the battle. That's what you're here for, Teach. Noted.
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