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Quote: Originally Posted by saelan what shoes, du? they look great. I recall them being from Grenson, the 'Kirk' model. That or an Opening Ceremony pair. Great look Kelvin, you are stamping authority on your fits. Keep some weight on top of your hair when you get it cut.
That hair sucks, and Rob Lowe's probably better looking than you.
Quote: Originally Posted by fueledbynewjersey Yea I'm pretty slim also and have "long arms" I'm about 160 Pounds 5'11 and the M in the oxfords fit me perfectly Really? I'm 6'1/175 and Uniqlo shirts in Small fit in terms of length (perhaps a notch short on the sleeves, after several washes), but are hideously ill-fitting otherwise. Haven't tried the Oxfords, though, I must admit.
@Bacon: Looking really, really good. Agree with Kent Money on DLester's shirt.
Just a question concerning the 'nature' of corduroy garments... I'm considering bidding on a very cheap pair of Helmut Lang skinny corduroy jeans, which appear to be a great cut. I generally wear a 32 in jeans (H+M, Uniqlo), but these are a size 30. Does corduroy have enough 'give' in it to stretch to the same degree as, say, a pair of denim jeans would? For reference, I'd buy a 30 in Nudie jeans with accounting for stretch. Any help/first-hand experience appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Subcat:/Music/famous musicians/Garfunkel, Art/no swagger whatsoever{very_white]: Garfunkel had a hella lot more swagger than Paul Simon. He actually dressed well. Notice the subtle difference in posture and expression which makes such a massive impression on our perception. Though they both look fairly cool here. Swagger can be to do with confidence. It can be to do with looks. It can be...
Not sure whether I'm just mesmerised by this guy's attractive features, but he clearly has a novel way of making cheap clothes look extremely fresh and easy. Unbelievable how nice he makes the grey uniqlo jacket look, for example. A point of reference for my own wardrobe.
SUPERGA BLUE DENIM MIDl Stupid fly in every way, very tempted to nab.
Quote: Originally Posted by Biscotti US Navy Fred Perry MIJ polo LVC 1967's RMW Terrible collar on the peacoat and I think the heavily cuffed jeans should be worn with a more substantial shoe. I pretty much always like your outfits but this is mediocre. Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one the white fuji? I think kunky summed it up well when he said: Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Whoa man, that Varner-Henderson fight was great! What a guillotine! Both fought extremely well, and Varner has been very congratulatory since...good sportsmanship. Anybody else see it? It's amazing how quickly I can go from favouring Henderson to thinking he's a total cunt after I catch wind of his religious affiliations in such a crass and unattractive manner. Good fight, though.
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