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Quote: Originally Posted by avery JaPo, where's that picture taken? Country? England. On the Southern coast in Brighton.
Just three civilised beaus basking in hastily developed goodness.
Tito Ortiz: "Yup"
What do you all make of Bobby Lashley as a credible fighter? Dude's obviously jacked up to hell and back, and is extremely athletic; much like Lesnar, it could be said. I've only seen a few of his fights - not sure what I make of him in the long term. Does he have Brock-esque potential?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Listi: Rockport is actually sort of trendy right now, especially in the UK. Part of the whole "grandpa" look. No, I'm not really into it either, but it's there. I can't endorse that statement. Were someone to approach me, I'd be more than willing to help them. For me, it can only be taken as a compliment, and I enjoy waxing lyrical about clothes. On the other hand, if someone were to...
Anyone check David Haye's win against Ruiz? Absolutely dismantled. Phenomenal punching power and angles. Classy. @TyCoon: For me it's difficult to say. Always preferred Jones but his boxing merits clearly haven't translated to middle-age. Hopkins will probably win.
Haye - Ruiz and Hopkins - Roy Jones, tonight. Naturally, I'm more excited about the Haye fight. Odds are on the Hayemaker but I sense some doubt in his own mind. Could just be some reverse psychology. Got really horrible images of Haye getting suckered in the clinch and stumbling around like a baby giraffe. Let's hope he manages to ping Ruiz early and knock the 'quiet man' out.
150lbs at 6'3 would you put you in the 'very skinny' category. You'll need to adapt your diet, in order to put mass on, before you really start hitting the weights. Put your 'average' daily food intake up and I'm sure one of the regulars will be able to provide you with some revisions/a new diet altogether. You will not experience a great deal of growth otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 ORLY? - Both are naturally blonde and have brown eyes - Both aren't your typically hot person Holy shit you're stupid. Stop spouting impulsively opinionated tripe, it really doesn't help your cause.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill_switch i thought they were vanishing elephant. Damn bro, you baggin on me? They might indeed be Vanishing Elephant, I don't know.
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