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Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Outside is a different story. First, put on the sunglasses: Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus It's the exact same haircut I got last time. Come on dude I'm all for Jugends and Morrisseys but this shit looks like your doctor stealth swapped the painkillers for your jeans-induced hip pain with purine. Still, your outfit is pretty good as always. Maybe you just need to put...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fluery RFX, that Burberry jacket is so awesome. Great use of sarcasm and hyperbole. @NN: I think that almost looks good. Generally speaking I'm not a big fan of the whole distressed leather, odd fit thing, but that's aight. Probably looks better open.
I was out partying with Fuuma last night and he told me to put this picture up. Shirt is Primark (tailored like Junya) Necklace stolen from a Flavor Flav tribute act (vintage) Neckbeard from Smiffy's (genuine) And yes, guys. She did get his number.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I highly dislike "tasteful Men's Clothing" type stuff. A bit of flamboyant vulgarity is much appreciated. I'm also partial to a very severe look as well--like something a Swiss lawyer in the '60s might have worn. It pains me to say this, somewhat, because you dress impeccably. But you really don't sound as clever or insightful as you think you do. Oh, and let's hope demonito gets lost in the foot... Damn, what a spud. I really like him on TUF this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Employee: Uhh sir, the leathers came in and.. Boss: Yes? Employee: Well it's kinda hard to say this but, we believe they were meant for the baseball factory Boss: ... Boss: Make sneakers out of them anyway Employee: Yes boss. ... Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May New summer suit. This is phenomenally cool. You really will need...
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix TOJ Unlucky belt KMW Clarks DBs Damn bro sort your down syndrome hair out. You're not oriental get that shit buzzed. Shirt could really work, but tucked in like that it looks more like Tim Allen from Home Improvement than what you want to look like. Quote: Originally Posted by Eason hemmed, I think better. bad lighting... The design of your shirt is questionable to say the...
Parting. Short back and sides. Or a Morrissey.
Just checked the recent episode. My scorn for Yagermeister still burns bright. Felt somewhat more sympathetic when I learned of his non-existent upbringing, however. The guys in the house are dealing with him terribly. I know he'd sure as hell get on my nerves, but you've sometimes got to appease obnoxious idiots like him. On a perhaps more topical note, I think the guy's fucking tough. Felt sorry for that completely oblivious teddybear who got KO'd by him. "Fedor's management team do not want Fedor going to UFC for the reason that they will be unable to pick the fights for Fedor." Interesting. But yawn on Fedor's next few fights. Join the UFC damnit.
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