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Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice AA Number 9 Margiela Rick dunks not visible Very far off the mark, unfortunately. It was only a matter of time before you fell of the wave. The wave of awesome fits. Jeans are not of a drastic enough cut to balance out the strange upper half. One can tell the shirt has been 'artificially' oversized. It doesn't quite work.
Quote: Originally Posted by e0d9n0b5 Hey bro. Candid snaps from the past few weeks! Flossing budget with Leffe Blonde on the shooping centre roof. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol can someone please post connor's face
Spectacular, yet also, grotesque. [/vaclav]
White canvas sneaks Suede boots Black jeans Grey jeans Cut-offs Shorts Various old t-shirts Burgundy BD Gingham BD FP cardigan Navy cardigan White/Blue breton knit Blue sweat Burgundy harrington Track jacket Drooping cockbibâ„¢ This is essentially my entire wardrobe. As one might guess, I tend to borrow when winter/formality beckons.
How easy to tailor the sleeves of t-shirts? Got a few motherfuckers with blousey bitch-ass sleeves, which otherwise fit well. Want to make them considerably tighter so they hug the 13.5" pythons a little closer. Would appreciate the advice before summer truly kicks in.
"Oh she got freckles!"
I'd feel very tempted to pressurise my relative into going against his bride's wishes, regardless of whether it jeopardised our relationship in the short term. As has been established throughout this thread, I'd feel a bit iffy with my friend's wife imposing those ridiculous rules. What is the fucking moral objection to smoking cigars as a one-off? How could she possibly see this as her right? First you have to understand that fun can be had camping. With a shit ton of...
Speaking purely hypothetically, here. Were you a young fighter with perfect potential and perfect knowledge, which striking and grappling disciplines would you train for? This is under the assumption you are training to fight current fighters under current UFC rules. Essentially what I'm asking is, in current MMA, which are the most dominant striking and grappling techniques, and those which you'd adopt assuming all were practical and teaching equal?
Yeah I often do these in study periods. An unfortunate trans-atlantic emphasis, I hasten to add.
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