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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Since the last set was so polarizing I figured I'd re-take the photos without any flash on a couple of different light settings, so here is a re-issue. Also took a shot without the knit. The colour palette of this outfit epitomises the mindnumbing lack of innate swagger or style which marked your older efforts. Just so brown and uninspiring. Don't wear dark shirts. Quote: Originally Posted...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I've been curious about this myself. I was an overweight teen and remember my doc having me take some meds for several months to boost my testosterone levels. That was more than a decade ago, but I've wondered if my T-levels are low for various reasons (lethargy, sex drive mostly). I don't have health insurance, though, and I'm not sure how expensive getting the necessary blood work would be (not cheap would be my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi No brands, going clubbing. Sup Nathan Barley. Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Gradually remove the tampon and realize the comment wasn't meant for you, Sally. Kunk knows I could give a fuck about his clothes which is why I joked about him being a doorman. Joel got it. Why didn't you? Fucking hell. 'Could give a fuck'? What does that even fucking mean?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cheese1 Uniqlo Slim fit OCBD Uniqlo OCBD Uniqlo Flannel Uniqlo Belt Random thrifted OCBD I'm sure everyone can guess where I went today. Please post fit pics of the Slim OCBD. Or compare it to a similarly slim-fitting garment. I was going to buy several online and want to be sure about sizing and fit.
Considering putting a bit of money on Tibau tonight... Views?
Ream? Ream.
I'm one of the few who prefer the second set. I love all the songs on the album, but the chorus for Shine on You Crazy Diamond sometimes falls into the stratosphere of 'cringeworthy homage' for me. Welcome to the Machine is potentially my favourite song on the album. On a different note; was anyone disappointed when they 'discovered' no members of the classic lineup (i.e. no Syd Barrett) had any major or even minor problems with drug abuse? Momentarily, it decreased...
A few snaps from my recent holiday in Spain. Always a Cristiano Ronaldo purple short shorts concept.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Now that I look back, the thing I really hate about this thread is the title. OP is suggesting that he is akin to jesus in making miracles just because he can do these relatively simple alterations and its as if he is prophecizing of his newly found talent of making shirts fit. This isn't a hard thing to do and I've done it with several of my shirts, all you need is a bit of patience, a few pins, some semblence of...
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