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Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Not quite compared to some black dudes at my gym. I think I am more compacted than others, but I do have quite bit of muscles on me. Holy shit dude you have the thickest bone structure I've seen in a while. Your wrists have their own muscles. Great bellies. I dislike my ectomorphic bone structure.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Lol yeah thats me. I was in Brighton Monday to Wednesday. Where did you find the photos of that night? I'd like to see them. May post life style photos.!/...4&id=626075426 See if this works. Hit me up if you're in b-town again because I get the impression you like getting fuckfaced too.
Fuji clubs in Brighton? Damn, I've been to this clubnight several times and the photographer is an old friend. Small world!
Renaissance is experiencing a... renaissance!
Sup sq you little bitch.
Plucked from facebook. Bow down to the fish eye.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt was there an episode of TUF this week? Can't find any torrent for it (or even reference to it)... Apparently every year they skip a week between the quarters and the semis, so there's no gap between the semis and the finale. I too was confused.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal What! When? I thought he just won the Euro qualifying. Yeah, he did. His ground game is sound. His striking is supremely good. His heart and conditioning are perhaps what might let him down. But I still think the contrarians suggesting he's a scrub can crusher with muscles have got a screw loose. This guy would dominate most of the UFC HW division.
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