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I'm currently living in Brazil, I've been here for 2 months, and I will be here until July. 1. Anyone have any food recommendations? I grew up in LA+SF, so Mexican food is what I miss most, but I've given up on that. Anything tasty (as in, actually has taste) would be appreciated. I've already posted on Chowhound with a few responses. I've hit most of the touristy/most popular places already. (Sushi Leblon, Porcao, Fogo da Chao, Manikineko, the Ipanema Italian places,...
They're not shipping till September from the site. If you have a pair for sale, I'd be interested. I'm interested in a canvas cortez not by Jcrew as well.
There's a ton of Golden Bears on here. California - Econ
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex i read about this idea somewhere before: give raw jeans to hobos and poor people then when they are broken in, replace them and sell the broken in jeans to hipsters It's also a Daniel Tosh joke. "We can clothe the homeless but remind them that we're better than them."
Pm'd on the Nudies.
I've lived all my life in a town where it only rains once a year. After going through what I can only imagine a hurricane feels like, I think I need more rain friendly shoes. So I'd like something leather (or rubber like the LL Bean boots) and high-top. I have a budget of about 150. I'm leaning towards either LL Bean (except their ugly) or Red Wing (the ones I like are out of my price range). Clarks Beeswax desert boots are also possible, depending on the price and...
I watched a friend coming out of a bad breakup blow $2000 on strippers, alcohol and random items in one night. He's a student and the money came from a scholarship refund he received.
Dropped to 55 shipped.
I have ordered from It's a dark navy, and the the silver is ridged. Great shoes. I have 2 other pairs of creative recs (Massinos and... I don't know, but they're the boat shoe looking ones) and love them both, just don't need this pair. Unopened, in the original box, not even tried on. It's too late to return it for anything other than store credit. And I realized that I didn't need them. I'm...
Pming you about the yellow sweater.
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