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Yep, that's possible as well, though the shoes in the Time photo appear to have a light colored welt from what I can see with a magnifier. Are there versions of the Ludlow like that? (I don't really follow J Crew offerings since I need an E width.) Either way, there is not really any evidence of a black layer in the heel, so it could be entirely something else unless that detail was post-processed.
I just got the March 24, 2014 issue of Time Magazine, and the shoes being worn by Keegan-Michael Key on the cover and in a photo inside look a lot like Alden shell longwings, specifically they look like the Leffot color 8 version with antique edging. Here is an image I found, though it's pretty low-res.
I wasn't looking for any shell during my visit (gasp!), so I didn't ask about the inventory.
I was in Alden DC today and they had a couple of new things. Sadly, I left my phone at home today so I couldn't take pictures. First, they have a half-lined brown CXL LHS with flex sole. The front is unlined and the rear is lined, similar to the suede version. Very comfortable and roomy in the forefoot, so it may be more forgiving for those with LHS strap discomfort. I knew these were coming in but I had in my mind that they would be fully unlined like the BB LHS, but...
McArthur is the elder statesman of Alden shoes. I expect he has been wearing Alden shell since most guys on this forum were born. Many decades, I believe. And he has probably owned more pairs of Alden shoes than most of us combined. He has two shoe treatment methods referred to by his name. He's also effectively an ambassador for Alden shoes and enjoys seeing new and younger guys joining in. Given all that, he would be justified in referring to any of us as "son" but...
I don't think that is bloom. I think that is the typical roughness that occurs in shell creases. Bloom is bright white and you can wipe it clean off with a cloth.
Just received my Leffot #8 LWB pre-order and I was pleased to see that the welt color matches the sole edging (antiqued on the double waterlock sole) rather than being dark and matching the shoe as was in the pre-order image (see link). They look really nice, though a very dark #8. Break-in starts this evening. Sorry, no photos for the moment. http://24.media.tumblr.com/ada155ac0b3fd4dc72e2cf9bed5b70dd/tumblr_mrmzurcMyO1qdtc47o5_1280.jpg
Yep. I'm waiting for my shipment confirmation and tracking. I have LWB in Cigar and Ravello, both on regular double leather sole, but for some reason I just couldn't warm up to the stock #8 LWB as it always looked too dressy to me. But the double water lock sole with the antique edging put that shoe just where I want it. I also really like how Leffot predicted November delivery, and here they are!
Winter's Bloom. Now that temperatures have dropped, the shell bloom comes out. This pair is my most dramatic example. A quick brushing, though, and they are ready to go. Medial and lateral sides, respectively.
Thanks, RTP!!
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