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I think it is Dark Oak. Check out the picture from a seller on Ebay with the same shoe. Possible they make it in different colors, but I doubt it:
Thanks for the heads up. I got a pair and my wife got a pair of RL riding boots she has been looking for.
I thought he was just referring to B&M, but found these bad boys on there. I think i might have also seen one other pair of EG - loafers though. They have a 25% off coupon code also. I picked up a pair. Hopefully size quoted is US.
Which DSW?
How do you think they are going to wrap up the season tonight? I've read the books - spoiler responses book readers.
It was her uncle, the Blackfish. He is a Tully - Cat married into the Starks by marrying Ned. Everyone should remember that there are 4 Stark children left (Jon, Arya, Bran, Rickon) - although young (and some lost) they will definitely have a part to play I believe.
Check out the bottom of this page - jerrybrowne posted the Harrogates in Mahogany and I posted my Ullswaters.
Thanks. It had been some time since I posted those. In the mean time I've actually parted with #'s 1 and 6 (sold on SF and eBay). 2, 3 and 4 are currently being recrafted at EG. Very excited to see the results in a couple months. I've picked up a pair of Ullswaters in Mahogany country calf (202), Cadogans in mink suede (82), Shannons in coffee suede (82), Pimlicos in dark oak (100), Sandringham golf shoes in Chestnut and Maple (202), Malverns in Chestnut (202) and Dovers...
I'd be in for midnight blue/navy suede, however I'm not sure that will get enough traction. I've thrown my hat in for the dark oak/mink suede in the other thread. If midnight/navy picks up I'll pull out of the dark oak/mink and go midnight/navy.
Double post
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