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Just got three pairs back from a recraft. Amazing work done by EG. Solidified my love of the brand. I was surprised by how quickly they turned them around also - about 2.5 months from the states and back. Asquith in dark oak: Westminster in mahogany country calf: Banbury in mocha suede:
The EG Westminster on the 888 is one of my favorite shoes. I now have 4 pairs - each on a different type of leather. All very distinct from one another IMO. Two I acquired recently and one I just got back from EG after a recraft. I'll post about the recraft soon. From left to right: Mahogany Country Calf, Navy Shell Cordovan, Coffee Suede, Cloud Calf (thanks to Malfordoflondon)
Just to get in on the Galway v. Shannon debate here is an example (IMO) of where the Shannon is more casual than the Galway. I wear the Shannon with jeans - never the Galway. I admit though that these are not your typical Shannon boot.
Elevators? Never heard of this. Can you let us know what course this is?
That is ridiculously short. I, however, played a course in Argentina which was slightly longer than this. A couple of 300-350 yard dog legs that you have to take iron off the tee and leave 150-180 with a good tee shot. If built like this 5700 can still prove challenging.
That is a lot !!
888 D
Here you go
The Aksel's from DSW are Hazel. Got my pair today. Actually a welcome surprise for me - I thought they were going to be dark oak. They are slightly lighter than dark oak. When I say slightly I mean very slightly. I have 9 pairs in dark oak and if you told me these were dark oak I'd probably believe you. There is some variance in dark oak and my Beaulieu's in dark oak are extremely close to these in Hazel. My first pair in Hazel and it is a great color. Thanks for the PSA.
Will report back. Still haven't even got my confirmation that they shipped - still In Process. Hopefully I'll have them this week, but I'm guessing they might not be here until next week. The 25% off coupon expires today - If I were you I'd take the gamble. Total with tax and shipping came to $530ish. They don't look like the Edwardian end of the spectrum to me based upon the DSW pics. Use the Sanderson as comparison. I know those aren't EG RL shoes, but I think it is a...
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