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I don't think we all know. Curious to know your thoughts.
That's funny you ask. I was watching the PGA Championship with my golfing buddy and we asked who buys this stuff when their commercial came on. Seems like a cool concept, but everyone I know sticks to the major OEM's. If tour guys were using it I think it might get some traction, but I'm not going to try some club I've never seen nor know a single person who uses it.
Thanks for all of the advice. My wife is an attorney and even though I was pretty heated she took a more level-headed approach. She contacted the contractor and just asked about the missing shoes. He asked his guys and of course nothing. He asked me to look again which I did - I turned over our apartment 3 times now. He said that we could work something out, but can't imagine he knows what these shoes cost - we haven't told him yet.I have asked for a letter from the...
At least 2 people - maybe 3. While I was moving everything in the apartment trying to find them I discovered that they put a piece of furniture up against a wall that wasn't dry yet. Ugh. Now my wife is pissed. The contractor is in the running for a 300K project for our condo building (large renovations to common areas). My wife, who is the VP of the condo board, just said that if this doesn't get resolved she is going to make sure they don't get the contract.She's writing...
Has anyone ever gotten a pair of EG's stolen? I go to break my re-crafted Asquith's out to wear today and the box was empty! I was on vacation last week and had a team of people painting my apartment. They have done work in the apartment previously with no issues. I keep my EG's in boxes in my closet. I checked all my other boxes to make sure I didn't place them in another box and no dice. I did notice that another 3-4 pairs were not placed as I would place them in the...
Thanks - Definitely agree. I've had rounds where I had 8 pars, 1 birdie and like 6 doubles/triples. The problem is that when I get into trouble usually I don't use my head well to get out of it.
Broke 80 for the first time today - shot a 78 from the blues on my "home" course. Been playing for about 8 years. Previous best was an 81 on the course. I had shot 80 before. Super stoked. First time I had 4 birdies in a round and kept blow-ups to a minimum - had only two double bogeys which is good for me - I'm usually good for about 3-4 with a triple here or there. Every time I was in trouble got out of it with a great shot to save par or bogey. Career round - feels...
Was at a Beyonce concert last night at Barclays center with my wife. I live about three blocks away. On way home we decide to get a drink at a bar we go to occassionally about a block from my place. Jay-z, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce (with entourage in tow) show up. Not a bar you would expect to see these guys in. Beside taking up literally half of the small place they seemed cool and chill - lots of security. Wife was super excited.
Those are great. Good pick up. In store? Wonder why they were on sale. Looks like they are brand new based on the series number inside the shoe. I think I got a pair only in May in the 92,000's.
No all 888.
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