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Toe taps done by EG? As I'm sure you are aware when doing MTO you can have EG put in the sunken metal toe plates. I prefer them.
Lol. Better? I've had the current Spurs manager for the last few years, but got a little lazy the last week as I've been traveling.
Great sale. Picked up 3 sweaters for a little above the price of one at retail.
100% agree. You guys should go Loden suede as opposed to forest
Yes. But I would question the $1100 original price though. You can get EG patent leather shoes (different model) not on sale at Leffot for under $700.http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/edward-green/holborn.html
This was an old thread. I used a mix of mahogany and black Saphir polish.
I've tried searching all over the internet and I can't find a retailer in NYC who carries Brigg umbrellas. Does anyone know of any retailers who do?
What is Oak Bark?
A derby in country calf or cordovan. Check out the Sandringham or Ullswater.
Wow Namor - You've definitely stepped up your EG game. The Oundle is one of the quintessential EG models that I don't have a pair of - may be my next MTO.
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