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Quote: Originally Posted by rioni Not sure which last they are on... I think it's the one peerings normally ship with. Yes, they fit them perfectly but I had been using them in a pair of 8E Lobbs that I have too. I don't think these are lasted from what I've read. Just curious - why didn't you include these with the Peerings you were selling? Was it because the trees were too big?
Quote: Originally Posted by archetypal_yuppie Where can one find Incotex pants? (not online)? Saks also.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo I'm an exclusive buyer of Flusser products from Steinmart. They are ... so hot I bought a Flusser golf polo shirt from Steinmart about 5 years ago. Nice shirt for the price. I had no clue who he was until I found SF though.
Has anyone gotten Edward Green shoes made for another company resoled by Edward Green? I.e. if I sent them a pair of RLPL's that they clearly made will they do a resole? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf I'm seeing four shoes in the exact same last ... Agreed. Only differences I can see are due to the angle at which you see them in the pics. Do they feel any different in terms of fit?
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat Added Grants in antique chestnut. Trees not included on Grants?
You can find them at Saks in NY too.
Quote: Originally Posted by gumercindo fWIW, the local RL store had some PL shoes (Made in Italy) retailing for $1950. Definitely different makers than the Silvio Sansetti as the nail pattern is different. I was under the impression that the G&G ones would be Made in England. The Narvell's that flooded the BST were G&G. Anyone comment on their origin? I tried on a pair a few months ago and England sticks out in my mind. I think these...
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Men that ask for approval from their wives always strike me as pathetic. I don't think it is pathetic, but I certainly don't trust her. Very few women know much about men's style and how to dress a man. I basically wear what I want to wear and she does the same on her end.
Not to get too sidetracked, but The U (part of ESPN's 30 for 30) was a very entertaining documentary. Definitely a great watch for even the casual sports fan.
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