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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Another vote for the Asquith. I like it in dark oak. Cardiff is probably second. They make a nice chukka too. Asquith in dark oak on the 888. I think that may be my next big purchase. Anyone know anywhere that carries this in retail? If not I'll probably do MTO.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Where does it say these are Caruso? Just curious since all the inner labels look the same now I have this jacket (minus the patch). Bought off another member about 6 months ago. I remember that the consensus was this was Caruso made, however, can't find the thread right now. If anyone out there is thinking of getting this jacket - do it - just take the patch off (as the OP says you can). The cashmere is so soft...
Whatever your price is will be too low - I'll pay double.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Seems like there's a whole lot of stuff going unsold or for super cheap lately, with perpetual price drops and tons of product to move... Is this a sign of people saving their money to spend on others for xmas gifts? Or waiting maybe for that big xmas bonus to kick in? Maybe I'm wrong and everyone is selling just fine, I dunno Don't say that Furo. You are the best source for RLPL lately.
I'm confused by your title. Why would somebody perhaps consider this a joke?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thread Killer since when is 5'10" tall? If you told me you were 135 pounds I would say 5'10" is tall. The OP is one skinny mofo.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah Thanks! Btw, price drop! The last photo was doctored. No way Nash would be caught dead talking to that Gooner (even if former). He is Spurs (not the Texas type) for life.
Looking for a nice pair of brown suede shoes. Let me know what you have between a 8.0 - 9.0 in US sizes. My goal is a pair of the RLPL Mackays (as seen below) in my size. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ht=rlpl+mackay Let me know what you have. Thanks.
What is the equivalent to size to the EG 888 for these? 41 Vass F last = __ UK/__ US [D/E] EG 888 last. Can someone fill in the blanks?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport This blazer is fucking sick. I had one that was just a tad big that I sold earlier this year...by far my most wistful transaction. Mine was a bit short, but otherwise fit either TTS or a tiny bit smaller. I dunno why OP didn't list a chest measurement, other than that it's a bitch to get with the unlined unstructured cashmere. Either way this blazer is absolutely delicious. Brothersport, Yes, It is a...
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