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Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Men that ask for approval from their wives always strike me as pathetic. I don't think it is pathetic, but I certainly don't trust her. Very few women know much about men's style and how to dress a man. I basically wear what I want to wear and she does the same on her end.
Not to get too sidetracked, but The U (part of ESPN's 30 for 30) was a very entertaining documentary. Definitely a great watch for even the casual sports fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu Well I decided not to because the price I paid was above what the case was originally offered at. Then I would have had a thread about how I was trying to rip him off. Listing it on ebay was the route around that. This makes no sense. A simple PM to Brett saying I paid more than what it was listed for and attaching your PM's between you and the original seller would have diffused any potential for Brett to...
Quote: Originally Posted by furo I had one in my size but decided to let it go since I wanted this grey one instead, but both are awesome imo. Are you a 38R? I would have bought this one from you too!! Looks great on you though.
Got a pair of Mackay's from CriticalFish today and cannot be happier. Thanks once again.
Price drop to $150.
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni What models for Vass and at what pricepoint? I sent in an invite request but I have a feeling its going to be too late About $20-$100. He was being funny - Joan Vass is part of the sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Nice! Can these be dressed down? Sure. I don't see why not.
I usually roam around the men's clothing forum, but decided to come over here and check out a purchase I made a week ago. I was in San Fran for vacation and the Saks men's store had a sale going on the Paul Smith Bihar's. I bought a pair in my size. They were intially marked at 25% off and then with an additional 40% off with the sale I got them for $258.75. Reason for this info is because they still had at least 7-8 pairs when I was there a week ago. All I saw was...
Bought these from another member less than a month ago. New and unworn except to try on. Unfortunately they are slightly too small. For reference I wear a 8/8.5 in the Edward Green 888 last and 8.5 in most AE's lasts. I would say these are between an 8 and 8.5. Just trying to recoup my costs - Price is $SOLD. Good price for a classic well made captoe. I would also trade for a size 9.0 in the same shoe, but realize that is probably unlikely. See link to original...
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