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Quote: Originally Posted by boredofthis I had suspected ther were cheap leather shoes, they were a present so I can't complain really. Thats a shame to know they cant be resoled though, is that because the sole is so thin? I think you are getting confused a little bit. Even though the shoes are not the highest quality, it does not mean that the soles are wearing out on your first wear. As people have pointed out - what is getting worn down is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blake686 A little before SF and after SF comparison. It has been about 6 months since I joined (and I have bought and sold about 5 pairs that didn't fit correctly). Sorry for the crappy pics, not the best photogropher or camera. Before...Hide your eyes, a lot of Kenneth Cole After... Bottom (L to R): Barker Black Archdale in Antique Chestnut, Barker Black Archdale in Black, Barker Blake Harboros in Burgundy,...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman The Indio. You really have to try to make a shoe that foul. It's also on the Berluti site. I have a hard time taking a company that produced those pair of shoes seriously.
Quote: Originally Posted by sfo423 who cares at that price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scuttlebutt What does SF think about Bally and Ferragamo dress and casual shoes in terms of quality for the price? I just picked up some (what I think are) very nice Ferragamo casual oxfords at the Rack for $100. I've also heard good things about Bally. Any input from the SF experts? Not an SF expert, but at $100 I don't think they are anything to laugh at - I think you got a great deal. I have a pair of...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 So now I have: Stanton: mid brown 888esque MacKay: Black 888 Midfort: Dark Oak 82 There are a limited amount of shoes available in my size direct from EG. I wanted the Falkirk in edwardian antique on the 82 but that would be a MTO and take up to 14 weeks. They stock it in burnt pine on the 202 and they stock the Malvern in chestnut on the 202 which I have ordered. The Iverness only comes on the 888 in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Quite a large gap, yes. Ca. 1 inch on most. MIne too. Sounds like EG gave you the wrong size trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Budget?? Mine is $500-$750. Would like to get something at about 50% off so something double what I put at full retail.
Those are nice FIH. I'm also looking. Anyone else have any suggestions? Any B&M stores having sales in NYC right now?
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl can the crest be removed? Yes, I'm almost certain it can be. If you bought it with the intention of removing, took it to your tailor and they said it couldn't be removed, I'd be willing to take the jacket back and give a "make-whole" refund.
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