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Those are nice FIH. I'm also looking. Anyone else have any suggestions? Any B&M stores having sales in NYC right now?
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl can the crest be removed? Yes, I'm almost certain it can be. If you bought it with the intention of removing, took it to your tailor and they said it couldn't be removed, I'd be willing to take the jacket back and give a "make-whole" refund.
Incos traded. Willing to listen to reasonable offers on RLPL jacket.
Quick big(ish) price drop on both. Will move these to teh Bay if not a lot of interest here. Also willing to consider trades - anything around a 8.5/9.0US in EG, Lobb or Vass.
Up for sale are two items. One Traded and one SOLD. 1. RLPL - Ralph Lauren Purple Label - Navy 100% Cashmere Sportcoat. 40R, however may work for a 39R - see measurements below. Unstructured and unlined. Patch pockets. Notch lapels. Single Breated. Dual vents. Comes with matte bronze buttons. SF consensus is that this is Caruso (see links below) made which run a little slimmer than the St. Andrews RLPL coats. In prior seasons this jacket was made without the patch....
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Today's sale was a mess. I did end up landing a couple James Perse and a Lova shirt. It was hard sorting through the stuff since they had things sized in so many different ways (1-6, US size, S-XL, euro size, etc.). I almost bought a pair of loafers then realized the "size 9" was actually euro 9 (which is US 10.5)... I had some Tim Hamilton shirts in my shopping cart but when I went to check out, someone else...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Baggy around the waist or other places as well? Anyone has Polo III jacket or suit? How do those fit?I don't have any Polo stuff Big all over on me, but mostly around the waist. As Big Bris point out though there is some variance. I had some classic fits which in the same size were slimmer than other classic fits. On the custom fits, they seem much more uniform in terms of fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex How do Classic fit Polo dress shirts fit? Are they too baggy? Also, any comments on Polo III fit? Heavy or light padded shoulders? High or Low Arm Holes? On the dress shirts, yes, stay away from classic fit if you like a slimmer shirt. Probably normal for 95% of people, but very baggy by SF standards.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo +2, that is definitely the case as within 30 sec of the sale starting, the RLPL glenplaid suit was sold out in every size except 42R (which of course was in someone's cart). I think what they do for the final sale (and for other sales when it is the second time for an item) is show all sizes that were originally available and "/" (cross out) through all of the sizes that are no longer available. For the RLPL...
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Final Sale today, stuff at 90% off Mostly larger sizes though link Prices were nuts on some things.
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