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Dark oak/walnut CC.
All this Galway talk got my Galways jealous. Galways at the Super Bowl!
Leaves, next order think you might want to consider ordering more EG - within 24/36 hours many sizes already sold out. Also, notice you don't carry a ton of models although you do offer some of the most competitive price out there. Just curious as to why that is. I'm sure if you carried EG in the range of a Unipair or Leffot they would fly out your door given your competitive prices.I don't run a shoe store so I may not know what I am talking about - just curious.
I do them through Leffot. Definitely not the cheapest, but great customer service and they have been willing to handle all issues with my shoes (e.g., repairs) - even the shoes that I didn't buy through them. I've been a customer since they opened.
Potentially interested based upon finalized/chosen colors and other details.
Posted a pair of Gaziano & Girling Boots for Ralph Lauren. If anyone is interested from SF - PM me. I'll take off $100.
Agree - I have Frome in burgundy and they are about as far as I go for office wear. My office can be pretty conservative (depending on who you have meetings with).
Those are amazing. Most likely my next MTO is same specs except with Dainite soles
They ship to the US, but don't take off VAT automatically. They referred me to who they said they work with. I've only had experience with this Global Blue when purchasing in person in the EU and then redeeming at the airport. Not sure how this works with an internet purchase and they didn't seem to want to volunteer the info. I got a very quick response. I was on the fence on a couple pairs, but have decided to pass so I didn't ask any further...
Thanks. Wonder if there is any chance they take off VAT. Anyone have any experience with this retailer? I'll also e-mail them.
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