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That's a lot of blue shell in the last week. And now I know who got the Ullwaters from Leffot in my size (I had been eyeing but never pulled the trigger). Glad you got them!! Enjoy!!
I won't comment on the overall wardrobe, but his Cucinelli jackets/vests always have me drooling.
I'm out for the Aderlay - want to get a pair - Edwardian is just too light for my liking. I might be in for Burnt Pine though. I'm in for zug if you can get it together, however, if it doesn't look likely by May I'm going for something else heavy duty (some kind of country calf) for next winter.
S K M - this is awesome if it works. If you were to tell me that you put as much effort into your day job as you do towards putting together EG GMTO I'd tell you that I'm sure that you are a top performer in whatever you do. Your effort to put these together (along with other GMTOs) is great (and appreciated), if not a little confusing as to the reason why (for me at least). Keep up the great work!!
Thanks Namor. Thinkderm- It was tough for me too. I literally have to make room in my closet for new pairs I have coming in which I hope to share with you all soon (including my first Top Drawer MTO).
Is that an Aderlay on the 202? Mahogany Country?
Are these Dovers? Thanks.
Dark oak/walnut CC.
All this Galway talk got my Galways jealous. Galways at the Super Bowl!
Leaves, next order think you might want to consider ordering more EG - within 24/36 hours many sizes already sold out. Also, notice you don't carry a ton of models although you do offer some of the most competitive price out there. Just curious as to why that is. I'm sure if you carried EG in the range of a Unipair or Leffot they would fly out your door given your competitive prices.I don't run a shoe store so I may not know what I am talking about - just curious.
New Posts  All Forums: