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When I grow up I want to be Aportnoy.
Agreed. Have a pair of the Halifax from Leffot. Very soft.
Awesome. I gotta say though that I am quite confused about the use of the number system for the Shannons. I've heard of the Shannon II and Shannon III which have slight variations to where brogue-ing is, but I have not heard of or seen the Shannon IV through VII. Leffot is ordering the Shannon IX for F/W 2014. Why is EG willing to make so many variations of this boot - are they willing to do that to other models if there is enough interest through a GMTO?The Shannon VIII...
Yes. I took delivery of TD shoes less than two weeks ago in US market (through a US retailer). It was north of $2,000 (just a little though).
Definitely the lighting. The same seller has Newmarket boots in Burnt Pine and they look completely different.
Lol - didn't even notice that until you said something. Not that it matters one bit.
While at Leffot we put it next to a RTW Asquith. It is really the finishing. The way they treat the leather is different - seems to have been polished differently - more care put into it. I'm not sure if it is a different leather, but it feels and looks a little different - softer - smoother burnishing.The shape of the shoe seems more streamlined to the last - they seem narrower. I think this might be a visual effect due to the waist. One of the most pronounced differences...
Here are a couple ankle boots that I have picked up through Leffot. The Halifax are made on the new Delapre leather - it is extremely soft and supple. It takes Saphir Reno and wax very well - pics are after a couple wears and first shine.
Some of you might remember that I had a pair of Asquith stolen. I had just gotten them back from a recraft. I was able to get the insurance money which I used towards a Top Drawer in the same model. I am extremely happy with how they came out.
Maybe the 606? Interested in what others think.
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