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Ha - Give some time for us to answer. I am going to need a resole soon and I actually talked with Steven at Leffot about this a few months ago. He was more than willing to help out and facilitate the communication and sending the shoes to EG when the time comes. I don't think that was only due to the fact that I have purchased 10-12 pairs from him - I think he would do this for anyone.Based on pure conjecture he might do this for free (not adding anything to what EG...
Cross posting here in addition to the PSA thread. Looks like Soiffer Haskin is hosting a Kiton sale Feb. 10-12. I don't think I've seen Kiton there before. Anyone else?
Looks like Soiffer Haskin is hosting a Kiton sale Feb. 10-12. I don't think I've seen Kiton there before. Anyone else?
Welcome - going from DSW to EG and others int he same league is quite a jump. Those Harrogates are beautiful. I wish my wife appreciated my shoes as much as I do.
A lot of people don't like Dainite, but I like them. I don't live in an area where there is a ton of snow and my commute is usually well-paved within a day. I use my dainite soled shoes (4 pairs) on Nasty weather days.Despite their look the Dainite will definitely not last forever. I think it is actually pretty comparable to single leather soles and based upon my observation they wear down at the same rate.
Half to slightly more than half are from Leffot (some stock he had and some MTO's). Most of the others through BST here on SF or posted deals on SF. Some members - Malfordoflondon and Viral have sold me pairs.
The Ullswater are just like this, but darker (Mahogany country). Everything else is the same:http://leffot.com/2012/09/04/edward-green-ullswater-almond-cc/Dover's are these:http://leffot.com/2011/12/16/edward-green-dover-4/If you want close ups of mine in particular let me know.
Front row (L to R): Asquith (888 – Dark Oak), Dover (606 - Walnut Country), Beaulieu (888 – Dark Oak), Westminister (888 – Mahogany Country), Ullswater (202 – Mahogany Country), Malvern (202 – Chestnut)Middle row (L to R): Sandringham (202 – Cognac Crup), Malvern (202 – Bronze), Farringdon (888 – Dark Oak), Frome (82 – Burgundy), Westminister (888 – Navy Crup (Leffot Anniversary)), Wells (82 – Dark Oak)Back Row (L to R): Galway (82 – Dark Oak and Walnut Country), Cadogan...
+1. It used to be 3-4 months a couple years ago, but has been around 9 months recently. My last MTO I was told 8-9 months, however, I was inquiring about a new MTO recently and was told 5 months.
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