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Alden's and Lobb's are sold. Malvern's still available - going on ebay soon.
I'm in for the next round.
I wouldn't say that. Edward Green's are incredibly comfortable.
I don't usually, but I'm curious as to why you say that.
All - got a lot of interest, but no bites. These go up on Ebay later this weekend if no interest - you can bid there - I will start each at $9.99 with no reserve. Had a lot of requests for additional pics of the Aldens - here you go. I did a good job (IMO) of getting one of the stains out of the snuff suede Alden's.
Yes, they are pretty true to size.
A person only has so much closet space (especially in NY). Three new pairs in, three out. 1. Edward Green Malvern 8/8.5 E202 last - Bronze Antique -Brand New in Box - $700 I bought these about 9 months ago and never wore them. Time to get out of the closet. No shoe trees with these. Comes with original bag and box. 2. John Lobb Beckett 7.5UK 8000 last - Brown Museum - $600 - SOLD I bought these basically brand new from another member (had been worn once or twice). I...
Aportnoy = the EG king. Those Shannon's he posted don't look like they have ever been worn (both pairs).
Yea, that is pretty rare that a retailer will put everything EG on sale. That is not to say, however, that there are not generally EG's on sale. You might want to contact Sky Valet (Washington DC)- someone recently said they had a lot of models on sale, but that is not reflected online. I would keep following these message boards and the Buy, Sell, Trade section. Leffot (NYC) has a yearly sale in July and Leather Soul (Hawaii and LA) is having theirs now. If you have some...
Dark Oak.
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