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Does anyone watch Life's Too Short on HBO? If Warwick Davis is Dinklage's agent he is probably not getting another job - he'll stick around.
I'd be in on that also and might prefer that to the dark oak/mink suede. I'd be in on one, just not both.
I think I'd also be in for this - even though I already have the same make-up with walnut country calf upper. What is the price for non-VAT if we were to do a group MTO of the Galway?
That is very good. I can't find EG retail outside the EU for really less than $1000. If you really want to get the best deal at retail it seems like the best deal for non-EU people is to order from EU members such as yourself and get the VAT removed.
That is quite pricey indeed. You retract your prior post about how quickly they will sell?
Thanks are you based in South Korea?
EG's are on Ebay:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Edward-Green-Shoes-Malvern-Wingtip-Bronze-Antique-8-8-5E-202-Last-New-/221199383329?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item338082bb21
Mahogany country calf on both upper and lower? I like the Galway with two different types of leather (e.g., suede and calf or country calf and calf).
Walk two rounds? People do that? That's a lot of walking.
Looks like the Sandringham without the peak. I don't like without the peak.
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