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According to Steven at Leffot there are no plans to discontinue the 888 (at this point).
Waiting to see if we can get enough for Rosewood. If not will put in for Mahogany by the 10th.
Ullswater and Westminster.
I'll do it, but prefer not to. Not a deal breaker. Also, if it come to the point where Rosewood needs one more I'll jump over to that team. This is my third Mahogany CC shoe (I love them) and I'd like some variety.
I'm still in. Can't promise I will be forever, but if we pull trigger in next couple weeks I'm in. I'm also pretty flexible on specs to a certain extent.
I asked this same question maybe a month ago. Nobody responded. I've seen pictures of Utah(and held swatches) - looks amazing. Basically a cross between Delapre and country calf. I was inches away from pulling trigger on an MTO, but want to see/feel Utah in the wild first.
Is that true? If so that is a bit ridiculous.
I purchased this same bag this past spring. I have yet to use it and not get a compliment (usually get several). If you are in the market for a weekender you should jump on this one - it is amazing.
I have a pair of 89's labelled as # 63402. That would put them circa 2005/6 as my best guess so I think they went into the mid-2000's at least. Very nice last.
It is extremely tough to play if you don't have a car or have a friend that has a car. Even with a car you can add an hour or two versus your friend who lives in the suburbs. You are either going to spend your time driving 45 minutes to an hour (at least) to avoid courses that are super crowded or you are going to bear down and play a local course where you will not play a sub 5 hour round. Avoid NYC courses on weekends unless you have a tee time before 7.I zip car'd it...
New Posts  All Forums: