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Ordered these Galway in the spring and just got them recently. Very happy with result. Cloud and Flannel suede.
Thanks for your efforts.
It is past my cut off date for the Rosewood. Ordering the Nevis on the Skoak website. Another pair Mahogany CC in my life.
Funny - I left out the color in my post on purpose. They are actually Burnt Pine. I mentioned in a post a week or so ago that they came out very close to DOAK - maybe even the same shade as the lightest pair of DOAK I have. I love the shade. I do like the variation/uniqueness you get with each shoe - it really is a surprise each time you open an EG box. It seems to me that over the last year DOAK and other browns have gotten all a little darker. Maybe a result of the...
My new Canterbury's I got a couple weeks ago. First wear was this past week.
I'm not sure the answer of your question, but a well known retailer of EG shoes recently told me that EG just switched the maker of some of its leathers - last 6-8 months. Not sure if all calf leathers or just some. Will post pics some time this week - took delivery of pair of Canterbury's in Burnt Pine and they look very, very close to DOAK. Could pass for DOAK to me and I have quite a few pairs of DOAK.
According to Steven at Leffot there are no plans to discontinue the 888 (at this point).
Waiting to see if we can get enough for Rosewood. If not will put in for Mahogany by the 10th.
Ullswater and Westminster.
I'll do it, but prefer not to. Not a deal breaker. Also, if it come to the point where Rosewood needs one more I'll jump over to that team. This is my third Mahogany CC shoe (I love them) and I'd like some variety.
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