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RLPL Leather Trench 40R
Dunhill Gator / Wooden Humidor
Giant Paisley Brioni Tie
I'm not sure what the policy is with buying multiple sizes (seen as though I will be purchasing 8E) but I will certainly give it a whirl.
I'll keep my eye out
I'm popping down there on Friday I think. Was planning to get one or two pairs for myself and I'll get a couple of pairs to pass on here at no extra cost.
^ That's a better cut for you, DC.
^ great price. Be wary of the last though. They are very narrow.
PZ Sartoriale are usually beautifully made. The one above is definitely a steal but I've a feeling the shoulders are quite padded. Not so keen on that pattern either.
If you smoke a pipe, it doesn't get much better than this....
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