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Most were marked "B" grade but I had a tough time spotting any defects.I'll definitely list everything tomorrow afternoon in this thread when I get a chance!I've now got 9 pairs for members
OK I managed to proxy about 8 pairs for members. Prices are as I paid for them, you pay shipping and also any PayPal fee I incur. I can't reply to PMs as I have got too many. Will post them tomorrow. Sizes are around the 7.5 - 8.5/9 mark. First come first served. Will probably list them at around 4pm GMT.
Definitely shopped. I found the original:
You've probably been smoking the wrong stuff....
RLPL Leather Trench 40R
Dunhill Gator / Wooden Humidor
Giant Paisley Brioni Tie
I'm not sure what the policy is with buying multiple sizes (seen as though I will be purchasing 8E) but I will certainly give it a whirl.
I'll keep my eye out
I'm popping down there on Friday I think. Was planning to get one or two pairs for myself and I'll get a couple of pairs to pass on here at no extra cost.
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