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33 degrees today here in London! Thought of argyles is too much!
Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very interesting.
AM will do a stellar job, I'm sure.
Maybe it's me but I cannot pair shoes / boots any lighter than say EG burnt pine or G&G pine. I can't abide light coloured dress shoes but that probably says more about me and my refusal to experiment...
I think just standing on a street corner would suffice.
What the?!
Completely forgot I had these. Only worn a few times by the looks of it. I didn't have time to polish / clean but I'm sure they will come up like new. Trees not included. £170 shipped worldwide
I would dye the hell out of those...
The shoes are listed
I'll post them in my thread so as not to clog this one up. Will post here to let you know when they are up. Maybe 4.30ish
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