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I'm the complete opposite. I'd definitely wear the Galway with jeans but never that pair of Shannons.Great stuff. PG Westminster is fantastic.
Do Berluti offer bespoke fitting? I would have thought they worked off standard lasts. I could be wrong though.
^ would be a great design for a pocket square
33 degrees today here in London! Thought of argyles is too much!
Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very interesting.
AM will do a stellar job, I'm sure.
Maybe it's me but I cannot pair shoes / boots any lighter than say EG burnt pine or G&G pine. I can't abide light coloured dress shoes but that probably says more about me and my refusal to experiment...
I think just standing on a street corner would suffice.
What the?!
Completely forgot I had these. Only worn a few times by the looks of it. I didn't have time to polish / clean but I'm sure they will come up like new. Trees not included. £170 shipped worldwide
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