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RLPL Norvegese 9D
These are now $100...http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190881722221
RL Shell Wingtips 10.5
Double FIH?
Brioni leather coat Barker Black Specs
Very nice coat. Etro black cotton / nylon coat with a detachable rabbit fur lining. Usual Etro colourful lining underneath. Butter soft fur. Made in Italy, size 38R This was sold cheap due to someone complaining that there was excess shedding. I have had a look at the coat and can't really see any problem. There is an area near the underarm which feels like very soft down. Some hair comes out if you tug. I assume that after a while, any loose fur will have...
Informative information as ever, Bengal. Thanks very much.
I'm the complete opposite. I'd definitely wear the Galway with jeans but never that pair of Shannons.Great stuff. PG Westminster is fantastic.
Do Berluti offer bespoke fitting? I would have thought they worked off standard lasts. I could be wrong though.
^ would be a great design for a pocket square
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