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Anyone know the maker of these? Found on a pair of trousers with a lot of handwork. I did look through the first through pages but couldn't find a match. Many thanks in advance.
Yes. Caruso has definitely made some of the more recent offerings.
Also whnay's good taste thread (mainly the early posts).
Just because a tie / square are sold in a set, it does not mean that the maker intended them to be worn together. Brioni often market these sets and there are definitely no matchy-matchy outfits in their lookbooks.
A few pairs of shoes up for sale here:Trees included but no boxes.Gaziano & Girling Brown OxfordsUK 8.5 (TG73)Worn 3 times£450 > £400 > £350 shipped worldwideSt. Crispin Light Brown Tassel LoafersUK 7.5F (standard width) classic lastWorn twice£500 > £400 > £350 shipped worldwide.Small red mark on tasselBally Scribe Brown LoafersUK 7 (fits UK 8)£200 shipped worldwideSOLD [[SPOILER]] Gaziano & Girling Double MonksUK 8.5 (TG73)Worn 4 times£450 shipped worldwideSOLD [[SPOILER]]
Must be a very difficult time for all concerned. A great shame. My condolences.
^ You learn something every day. I never thought that those models were by SS. Thanks for sharing.
Not C&J (Made in Italy). A decent price, however.
Best of luck. Looking forward to see the range. I'm sure it will be fantastic. Signed up
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